Book Thoughts: The Forsaken Earth

The Forsaken Earth

This week has been a busy one for me. School has been picking with papers to write and quizzes to study for, and I just I haven’t had much time to read for fun. Thankfully  I managed to finish this and write up a review. Hope you enjoy! Now on to that paper…

Four Stars! I absolutely loved The Mark of Ran and couldn’t wait to get my hands on its sequel The Forsaken Earth. I have to say that I enjoyed The Mark of Ran best, but that in no way did The Forsaken Earth disappoint.

It’s difficult to describe a sequel without giving away spoilers. The plot of the The Forsaken Earth picks up a few months after The Mark of Ran left off. In the Mark of Ran, Rol and Rowen discover some very shocking news about themselves which lead them each to their own quest to discover who and what they are. Slowly Rol is discovering his powers and what he can accomplish with them, but all he truly wants is to enjoy his life at sea with his ship and crew. When an old character makes a reappearance in Rol’s life, Rol must abandon the quite life he desires and follow his destiny whether he likes it or not.

The Forsaken Earth had everything I loved about its predecessor.Paul Kearney expanded the incredible world he built in the first book and made it richer and more dynamic. The intricate story he began weaving in The Mark of Ran, has become much more complex. Kearney truly knows how to craft a story.

The pace of this is one is much slower. There was hardly a middle ground where the scenes didn’t have much happening, nonetheless, they were enjoyable. One of the factors that I enjoyed about The Mark of Ran, was that I was never bored. I don’t mean to say that this one was boring because it wasn’t. There were several scenes that had my heart racing. Also the new information was very interesting, and it will be very crucial to the rest of the series. *(If it ever gets released more on that later)

Rol and Rowen have changed very much. Especially Rowen and I’m not sure how I feel about her anymore. She is still interesting, but many of her choices are questionable. Rol is still conflicted especially where Rowen is concerned, which is understandable considering their history. However, I couldn’t help but be frustrated with him. I still think he is a great hero, and I love how strong he is, yet still so vulnerable. I think that vulnerability makes him much more relatable. However, towards the second half of the book his vulnerability came through a lot more than his strength, a result, he was easily manipulated. The supporting characters were just as great if not better this time around. I loved the humor they brought to the story, and their loyalty to Rol.

Overall a good sequel, and I look forward to the finally seeing this series complete.

*Side note: One thing that upsets me is the fact that this serious was dropped by the publisher. What do I do now!? The ending of the Forsaken Earth doesn’t end on a cliffhanger, but it doesn’t leave much resolved. I read that this series was picked up by another publishing company, and was scheduled for releases in 2012. Obviously it didn’t happen and the reason given was because of complications with the previous publisher. Great. This serious is so good how could they have dropped it?! Anyways here is hoping that those publishing people get it together and soon! Until then, I’ll just go and read Paul Kearney’s other books.


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