Thoughts on writing and September wrap up.

So… this month was a bit of a fail. I started this blog hoping to talk about writing and reading and just general book related things all of which make me happy, but just when I started it my life  went and got all busy on me. No fun.

I’ve been reading tons but all of it for school. Mostly I’ve been reading essays and dreary chapters from even drearier books, which as you can imagine is  exhausting. I am happy to say that I have been writing.  I’ve been writing poems mostly. I write them in the  the middle of the night when I am in between the hazy sleep and almost awake phase. I love to look them over when I am fully awake the next day. They surprise me sometimes,  and not because I think I am a genius, but because of the thoughts my subconscious seems to hold out on me when I am fully awake.  Writing is funny that way. Poems are funny that way.   I promise them that I’ll come back to them once everything is settled down. If everything gets settled down.

I am finding that I really like writing at night or just when it’s dark out. My house is usually so full of people, and I am so protective of my writing that I can hardly ever write in my own house. Lately I’ve been having a hard time sleeping. I either sleep to late or wake up to early. Instead of laying there tossing and turning, I’ve started to  get up to write, and I’ve gotten good results. It’s annoying that I have all this energy to write during one of the busiest moments in my life, but hey I’ll never say no to inspiration.

I’ve read interviews of some of my favorite authors in which they also say they write when its dark.  It has something to do with that part of the brain that holds creative and uninhibited thoughts is awake. Maybe it’s writer superstition,  but I am finding that to be true, however, I do like my sleep so I guess I have to find that balance. Normally I try to write whenever I can and at times I go weeks without writing just gathering ideas for when I’ll be able to find the time. Now I am forcing myself to make that time, and while things tend to get a little crazy the feeling of completing something you love is always great. It’s satisfying to see a full page of something as opposed to a blank page of nothing.

Since I shared a little bit of writing thoughts, I thought I would share this video I stumbled upon earlier this week  It is a video video of Jhumpa Lahiri  who wrote The Interpreter of Maladies a great collection of short stories as well as a few other novels which I haven’t read yet. Her book The Lowland is nominated for the Man Booker Prize, and I plan to read it soon.  She talks about writing, and I love listening to authors talk about their writing process. Also her voice is very melodic and puts me in the mood to write.

What are your preferred methods of writing. Do you need music, noise, or quite. How do you guy balance what is going on with your life and your creative projects?

Anyways on to the wrap up. I only managed to finish the three books that I reviewed on here.

The Mark Of Ran by Paul Kearney

The Forsaken Earth by Paul Kearney

Paint if Black by Janet Fitch

I enjoyed all three of them, and I highly recommend them.

What did you guys read this month?

I’m reading One Flew Over the Cukoos Nest,  I only have a hundred pages left, and  like it so far. I hope things start settling down, so I can focus more on reading and writing and enjoying one of my favorite months. Autumn is here and I love it!


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