Book Thoughts: Maggot Moon

Hey everyone. I hope you all doing well, and for those of you who are doing Nanowrimo happy first week! Hang in there I’m rooting for you.

I’ve been busy working on a research paper for one of my seminar classes, but in between breaks I was able to finish Maggot Moon  by Sally Gardner. It was a quick read both because of its length  and because its a story that leaves you wanting to know what is going to happen. It’s a little gem of a book  that makes the reader really analyze our world. It focuses on friendship, family, bravery, and justice.

15798757Maggot Moon is an alternative historical sci-fi novel. It combines elements of World War II and Nazi Germany’s purification ideology, and the moon landing. Even though these events in real history occurred at separate times, Sally Gardner fuses them together to gives us a cruel portrayal of a world that just might have been.

Standish Treadwell is a young boy who has faced nothing but hardships his entire life. Bullied for being different and slow, Standish learns to keep his head down and not attract attention. He lives with his grandfather at the edge of the most poverty stricken district in his city. His world is full of informants, power hungry individuals, and cruel leaders. In Standish’s world, it’s best to not attract attention. However, Standish has a secret. A secret that could change everything. Standish has learned to keep quite for so long, and now he isn’t sure how to speak up. Then one day he has to confront everything he has tried to run from to protect those he loves, and to change the course of history.

I like these alternative history books because it makes you realize that these “alternative” histories could have been real. Thankfully Maggot Moon’s reality if fiction, however, the impression it leaves on you is real


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