Book Thoughts: Ready Player One


If you follow my blog then you’ve probably guessed that I’m a huge nerd. In fact, if I’m guessing you’re one too. So from one book nerd to the next, Ready Player is truly an awesome read.

My favorite types of books have always been the ones that teach me something. And I don’t just mean a moral lesson to which I can apply my own interpretation, but the ones thatI feel as if I just took a crash course in French history, or Nautical studies.

Ernest Cline fills his books with vast knowledge of eighties trivia. From films to music and games, the novel is pretty much a geeks fantasy. The novel is set in the future where a virtual reality world exist called the Oasis. In the Oasis, humans can create avatars that allow them to recreate themselves as they want to be. The Oasis was created by James Halliday who upon his death set up an egg hunt within the Oasis promising to give the finder of the egg his vast fortune. With the stakes that high, he creates the worlds largest and most dangerous game ever played.

Wade is an interesting character that I felt I could identify with immediately. He is a lonely kid who spends his time reading , watching movies, or playing games just to escape the reality that he doesn’t fit in anywhere, and that his home feels foreign to him. The Oasis is his home. The place where he met his best friend, and where he educates himself on everything he wants to know. He is passionate about getting out of his drool life and finding the egg. He is a teenager who was learning things as he went and there were times where I wanted to slap some sense in that boy, but I was with him the whole way.

The novel teaches you to value intelligence and thinking outside of the box. I could definitely see how much of it parallels our own generation’s issues and benefits with the internet and technology. What I liked about it, is that while it reminds you that technology isn’t a bad thing especially because many times you end up meeting great like minded people, and you have the advantage of being able to teach yourself many of the things you want. The novel also emphasis the need to value nature and real life connections.

Overall a fun read that takes you away for a bit.


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