Small Book Haul From Small Business Saturday


Yesterday  was small business Saturday, so I headed over to my local indie bookshop to show my support. I rarely allow myself to indulge in book buying  because1) I have way too many books I already own that I haven’t read. (I’m sure many of you understand this, so I am preaching to the choir)2) I am a broke college student and new books are bit on the pricey side for my budget at the moment.3) I just don’t have any more room!!

However, supporting local stores is important especially bookstores. I would hate to see my local bookstore be just another empty building.  So that eased some of my guilt… also the delicious new book smell.

These three books have been on my list for awhile. Have any of you read these? Let me know what you thought of them if you have!

1) The Bookstore by Deborah  MeylerIMG_0778

One of my life ambitions is to work in a bookstore, but my ultimate dreams is to own my own bookstore, so books about bookstores always get to me. Also look at the cover.

2) Among Others by Jo WaltonIMG_0779

I’ve heard noting but great things about this one. It’s supposed deal with magic and boarding school all of which  are right up my alley.

3) The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss IMG_0777

This has been getting rave reviews from almost everyone I know who has read it. It’s a bit of a monster clocking in at 722 pages; however, everyone says it is well worth it. Let’s hope so!

And as a bonus they  let me chose from a rack of Advanced Reader Copies and I got,

Ten Things I’ve learned About Love by Sarah Butler.IMG_0780

I’ve never heard of it, but the blurb said something about travel and that was all I needed.

So there goes my mini haul. I probably won’t get around to reading these till after finals, but for now I can admire them on my shelves.


Bye for now.



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