Happy Valentine’s Day.



Happy Valentine’s day!!Sorry for the lack of post this Wednesday, next week there I’ll get back on track. I just wanted to wish everyone on here a good day. I’m single this year, so I don’t have any special plans. Well, …perhaps I have a date with American Horror story and some chocolate, but trying to keep my blog PG, so I won’t go into details. Here in Cali the sun is back, the beaches are full, and the good vibes are catching.

I’ll leave you with a poem by one of favorite poets of all time. The beautiful Suheir Hammad.





 some kinda funny to put valentine’s   

 in the middle of winter

 winter nights come to easy 

dark stays too long

in america

everybody hurtin in themselves

       and searchin  for comfort    for beauty

for one day

you get dressed    look good 

splurge  pamper  for one day

you feel loved

and america is your lover

you are safe and warm    your dollars

buy toys    cinnamon candy      burn your mouth

pretend roses    a dozen stems

twenty four hours 

can make up for all

you’ve given out     given up

corner flowers   like poems

especially love  poems

ain’t birthed  natural no more

this year i find myself tryin

to stuff  my hurt into a heart

shaped box rocks freezing fingers

 gold excavated from my grandmother’s mouth

seafood dinners   lizard lingerie  liquor lighters  lonely and open

been snowin grey inside

for long nothin

has warmed my bones

i look forward for love american style

vietnam nightmare haunt

veterans and desert storm

rains in the eyes of babies born slow

today the gods of brooklyn  accept

only blood and i

have no more to give

for one day some champagne   chocolate

the perfect  lipstick

somethin to erase me

to fall into a kiss like a river

and fish myself out a new

creature  feathers  strong bones

teeth shiny   thick

legs to stand on  firm root

i look for warmth within

and find coal

valentine’s red and white    thunder

brooklyn’s  shango red

and white bleedin

I will start with myself

then you    will feed

myself         kiss my own

elbow    and hold in my gut

knowin america is 

the lover    never was   love

on blankets of small pox

and bondage of chains

i will start 

with myself   next you

wishin us both happy

in war times in 

no warm times

one day of rest one

day of love one day

of holdin someone

real  some healin

stay warm

create spring

in your heart

start with yourself.


From ZAATAR DIVA by Suheir Hammad

Happy V-day everyone!





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