Book Thoughts: The Likeness

The Likeness


ugly crying

^ Me after finishing this.

The Likeness is the sequel to  In the Woods, and it’s not your typical sequel, it’s more like a companion novel. Same characters different story arc completely. In fact, nothing from the first book gets resolved in this book, nothing barely even gets touched upon. And, although I did end up liking this one, I kept waiting and waiting for something anything about the first book and nothing.


“Or maybe, and I like to hope it was this one, because the truth is more intricate and less attainable than I used to understand, a bright illusive place reached by twisting back roads as often as by straight avenues, and this was the closest I could come.”

Cassie Maddox former Murder squad investigator is now spending her days breaking apart Domestic Violence cases. She’s still hasn’t quite recovered from the after math of Operation Vestal. (Neither have I). She gets a call one morning from her boyfriend Sam. A body has ben found of a girl who looks just like Cassie.

Dun Dun Dun.

Not only looks like her, but was also using a former alias that Cassie herself once used when she used to work undercover. Frank her former boss from back in her undercover days, doesn’t miss a beat. He convinces Cassie that this is the case of a lifetime. She is the perfect bait to uncover this murder and before she knows it Cassie is thrust into the world of Operation Mirror where she may look the part, but can she act it?

I liked Cassie from the first book. She is tough as nails, smart, and she knows how to do her job. She has a personality and knows how to hold her own in any situation. She observes everything and being in her head gives us such a clear picture of everything. Cassie doesn’t know how to take no for an answer. She pushes and shoves till whatever is in her way get out. She is a strong independent woman and it warms the reader to her.

“I sighed. “Me woman, Frank. Woman multitask. I can do my job and have a laugh or two, all at the same time.”

However, she isn’t perfect and there were times when she aggravated me. She gets emotionally invested which is understandable, but not smart. The reader can see it, so can everyone one around her, and we can see what a disaster that is going to turn out to be.

The actual mystery isn’t as compelling as the one in In the Woods. When it finally gets resolved it’s not like it hits you out of nowhere. For the last half of the book, you’re pretty sure you know what happened, you’re just waiting for the details. That doesn’t mean that when the details hit you you’re numb to them, my heart was still racing, and French did manage to pull some surprises on me at the very end.

So why the ugly tears? It’s the way that French ends her books that really does you in. They’re haunting and they unleash a dam of emotions you didn’t even realize you had. You become invested, and turning the last page and saying goodbye to characters who are still in many ways in limbo leaves an ache.

Overall, loved it, was a mess after it, and I’m still waiting for my resolutions.


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