Book Thoughts: Needful Things




needful things

Buddy Read with these amazing ladies Kat and Jenna.

“Everyone loves something for nothing…even if it costs everything”.

Damn King knows how to raise a girl’s blood pressure up!

I’ve been craving a good scare and Stephen King hit the spot with Needful Things. This book is filled with, terror, smut, and downright creepy shit, and oh man was it ever good.

Welcome to “Needful Things” the new little shop in the small town of Castle Rock where they sell you guessed it “things.”

Stuff and thn

Oh yes, anything you’ve ever needed Mr. Leland Gaunt has got you covered.

Collector items: Check
Sexy pics: Check
Weird animal tails: Check
Books that promise buried treasures: Check
Cure for you ailments: Check

All you have to do is one small favor for Gaunt, and  you’ll have your heart’s desire.


Owned by the enigmatic Leland Gaunt a.k.a The ULTIMATE TRICKSTER.
The people of Castle Rock are curious, excited, and a little skeptical about Gaunt and the store. However, their curiosity for both gets the better of them, and before you know it business is a-booming for Gaunt.
Meanwhile, the town is lost in schemes of revenge and betrayal.

This is my second King book, the first being Salem s Lot and I’ve learned that King don’t play. No one is safe. Nothing is out of line. Nothing is too graphic, and just when you think you’re safe. Haha

think agaon

It was one hell of a roller coaster, but I loved it! The plot moved at an even pace, it slows down a bit for us to catch our breath, then plunges you back in with no warning and before I knew it I couldn’t EVEN.
King’s characters are so well done. I loved the “good” ones and hated the “villains”.

Overall, if you’re craving some creepiness in your life. Read this!

I had a little too much fun with gifs on this one, but here’s another that was too good to pass it up.

things and stuff

You’re welcome and don’t forget to stop by (*creepy wink*)



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