Book Thoughts: Magic Bites( Kate Daniels Book 1)

magic bites


Not sure


Well, I was planning to DNF this books at 50 pages. Not because it was bad. I’ll stress that there isn’t anything here that I hated. There just isn’t anything that I loved either. I couldn’t for the life of me get into it. I was bored with the info dumping, bored with this world, and the characters.

Then a few  peeps told me to hold on, and made me all sorts of promises that it gets better. That Kate isn’t such a distant prickly little thing, that Curran gets exciting, and the info dumping starts making a bit of sense as the series progresses. Me, never one to back down from a challenge persisted, and it did get better. Not to the point where I’m singing its praises mind you, but at least I can see the promise for more. I’ve read plenty of series where the first book was a little questionable, so I won’t hold it against this series.

The last half of the book is much better than the first. The characters loosen up a bit, the plot thickens and something actually happens. I even managed a few chuckles.

“Why a raven?”
“To honor my father.”
“The writing under it, is that Cyrillic?”
“What does it say?”
“Dar Vorona. Gift of the Raven. I am my father’s gift.”
“The raven is holding a bloody sword.”
“I never said it was a nice gift.”

So there you go. Didn’t love it. Didn’t hate. Still kind of iffy about it as a whole.
I trust the people telling me it’s good, so I’ll l continue on with book 2. Fingers crossed


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