Book Thoughts:This Song will Save your Life

this song

Well, I will tell you: making friends is actually not that hard when you drop every one of your standards.

Or you can keep your standards high and lower your expectations of finding perfect people because newsflash perfect people do not exist.



I think my forehead is a little red from all of ^this I was doing.

I don’t know what it is about me and YA contemporary these days, but we are unable to find a middle ground. Could this be a parting of the ways? *puts hand to heart* I really hope not, but I just can’t seem to even with it these days.

Elise is entering her sophomore year determined to change her status from uncool to cool. Problem is she has no idea how to accomplish this feat. So what does she do? Takes hints from every magazine and movie she get her hands on, and she enters Glendale High determined to make some friends. Needless to say her plan fails epically, and at the end of the day, she’s worse off then when she started. However, there is one thing she holds on to, and that is her love of music which may not earn her a spot among the cool kids in high school, but it certainly does among the partygoers of an underground warehouse nightclub.

There was so much potential with this one. I thought I would be able to identify with Elise because like her I always hated high school, I’m awkward, socially inept at times, and I geek out about things that hardly any of my IRL friends understand. Unfortunately, Elise and I did not end up becoming one.

Elise is the kind of person who values people by what they can offer her. She demands everything from the people around her although she gives nothing back. And, when people fall short of her ridiculously high expectations, she finds some hidden flaws she never saw before so that she can then have deep epiphanies where she realizes that actually she doesn’t want them in her life.

But Amelia is nice. That’s all. That doesn’t make her my friend, that doesn’t make her special, and that doesn’t maker her anything I want her to be. It has nothing to do with me. She’s just nice.



Pft why would anyone want a “just nice” friend? Personally I like my friends vicious and mean.

So Elise’s plan at making friends didn’t go smoothly, but miracle of miracles she does make “friends” or at least people she sits with at lunch. People who actually talk to her and don’t tease her or make her cry like the rest of the school seems to do, and what is her response to this.

They are both less popular than me and I don’t know why, but I hope it’s because they are unbelievably boring. They have only one interest, and that is: what the popular kids are doing.


Really bit of the pot calling the kettle black there Elise. And, how are they less popular than you? At least these girls have each other, whereas before they decided to be “nice “ and let you sit with them you had no friends.

Have I already mentioned how self-centered this chick is? You know what I would do if I was lonely and didn’t have friends? I would try and be friends with the other people who are lonely and also don’t have friends. Of course having these two things in common doesn’t a friendship make, but it’s worth a shot. But, does Elise do this. Nope. Probably because it doesn’t occur to her that she isn’t the center of the world. I’m sure she thinks she is the saddest most loneliest person that ever existed. She only wants “cool” friends except she’s pretty self-centered when it comes to them too.

For example, in the beginning of the book she tries to befriend a girl who she later has some drama with. No spoilers, but this is Elise’s response to the girl.

Why? You didn’t even know me. I didn’t even know your name until two seconds ago.



How do you not know her name when 100 pages ago you were trying to be her new BFF?! My high school had a little over a thousand kids. My graduating class was in the hundreds, and I certainly didn’t know everyone’s name, but I would say I knew at least 80%, and I wasn’t even trying to be everyone’s friend, that is just something that happens when you share a space with people for four plus years, and you’re aware of things other than yourself.

There were other issues I had with this book and a lot more with Elise, but I think I made my point. I understand Elise’s pain and loneliness, but I just don’t think her attitude contributed in any way towards improving her life.

In the end, Elise does wake up a bit about certain things, but it was a little too late for me. The damage had been done.

The one thing I did like here was the music, I love music, and dancing and after reading this I added a ton of new songs on Spotify. I also believe in the importance of friendship which is a theme here however strangely it was represented. This could have worked for me if not for Elise. In fact, thanks to Elise I’ve now christened a shelve,MC-Not-FOR-ME.

When I started high school I can’t remember who told me this it might have been my BFF’s cousin, but the advice was simple, “High school is not the be all end all of your life, it’s not even the half of it, some people will be nice some people will be mean, make friends with the nice people, and avoid the mean people and you should be fine.”

Someone should have told Elise this along with handed her a copy of Mean Girls.


2 thoughts on “Book Thoughts:This Song will Save your Life

  1. Aahahaha, great review! I think there was a lot of hype about this book and you’re actually the first person to prove otherwise 😀 I haven’t read the book yet but I think I’ll leave it, having seen your review!

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