Book Thoughts: The Cuckoo’s Calling


“The dead could only speak through the mouths of those left behind, and through the signs they left scattered behind them.”

Luna Laundry one of the most beautiful women in the wold commits suicide by throwing herself of her London apartment. Her fans are left mourning and in shock. How could someone who had everything looks, money, and fame do something like this? Things don’t seem to add up for her brother John, so he contracts a private detective and military veteran Cormoran Strike to investigate the peculiarities of Luna’s death. Strike takes on the case not entirely convinced he’s going to find something, but times are rough and a pay check is pay check. However, as soon as his investigation begins he realizes John’s suspicions are not entirely unfounded, and with the help of his temp secretary Robin, the two uncover what really happened to Luna Laundry.

I love murder mysterious and I love J.K. Rowling two things primed to make me love this book right? That is what I though too. For the record, I went into it this fully aware that this was not going to be anything like The Harry Potter series, or like The Casual Vacancy so there aren’t disappointed feelings involved whatsoever.

I didn’t hate it I just have meh feelings about it. Early on I had a hunch about who the killer was and I pushed aside for a bit thinking “Nah too crazy.”However, turns out my über detective skills still got it!

My main issue with the book is that everything just moved too slowly, especially in the beginning. It was a lot of rehashing of what had already been covered which granted was necessary to keep the reader on board, but boring nonetheless. There wasn’t many epiphanies which are what usually keep me going with these. I love those “aha moments” detectives usually have, but Strike tended to have them in private, so the reader never got to know what he was thinking or planning until after he’d done/said it. The only real action that occurred was near the end when the “big” reveal was uncovered, and although I was happy with the ending, I found myself wishing there had been more moments like that one.

Strike and Robin were two characters that work very well together. It took a while for me to warm up to Strike. He comes off as being an aloof big tough army vet, but he’s actually really smart and sweet. Strike’s leg was blasted off while he was in Afghanistan and we see him go through the motions of rebuilding his life.

“Who was more conscious than the soldier of capricious fortune, of the random roll of the dice?”

Robin is eager and excited to do more with her days than sit in a cubicle taking calls and writing down messages. Working with Strike gives her a break from the mundane life she’s headed towards.

“Robin was disposed to feel desperately sorry for anyone with a less fortunate love life than her own – if desperate pity could describe the exquisite pleasure she actually felt at the thought of her own comparative paradise”

I found her really endearing. I enjoyed watching them work together, and form their friendship.

“He had never been able to understand the assumption of intimacy fans felt with those they had never met.”

Another aspect I enjoyed is the study on celebrity culture Rowling seems to be doing. She makes it a point to highlight that celebrities are just people and while it’s certainly not wrong to admire their work, we shouldn’t put them on pedestals.

Overall, slow and a little predictable, but not bad. I’m not ruling this series out as whole because I did like the characters I just wanted a little more action.


4 thoughts on “Book Thoughts: The Cuckoo’s Calling

  1. Good review and good to know. I have had this one for about a year now and I haven’t even glanced at it to read. *sigh* maybe I need to just to get it over with.

    • Thank you:)
      Same over here. I finally decided to give it a go because my library had the audio, or else it probably would have still been sitting on my shelves:P It wasn’t bad just slow, not what I’m used to with murder mysterious. Wish you luck with it though!

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