Book Thoughts: Y:The Last Man, Volume 1


The first review of my graphic novel haul.


Yorick Brown can’t find a job with his English degree, he is an aspiring escape artist, he loves his girlfriend Beth who at the moment is doing field work in the Australian Outbacks, and he also happens to be the last male on Earth.

You think your problems are bad?

With all the men gone, women have separated themselves into different factions. We have the crazy Amazons who think all men deserve what they got, and are now doing their part to ensure female dominion. The U.S. is government is still active, and is attempting to find some control and balance as they thwart the angry wives of former Republican senators who want to keep their husbands legacies alive. By force if it’s necessary

Being the only male survivor of a plague that wiped out all the other ones in a matter of seconds makes Yorick a hot commodity. However, all he wants to do is find his mom, sister, and a way to Australia to find Beth. But, the government has different plans for him.

With his escort Agent 355, Yorick travels to Boston to the labs of a Scientist who believes she knows what caused the plague, and she also believes she can find a cure. Problems is getting there isn’t so easy.

Yorick’s quest gets him assaulted, kidnapped, and beaten, multiple times. Everyone seems to have an opinion regarding poor Yorick. He is either the last hope for the human species, someone’s paycheck, or the abomination that should be terminated.

I laughed so many times with this one. Brian K. Vaughan creates the most bizarre and equally funny situations for Yorick. In order to survive, Yorick has to impersonate a women, and I couldn’t help but laugh at his cluelessness.


He never gets it right.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this one! I can’t wait to read more.


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