Book Thoughts: Kin


Buddy Read with these fantastic ladies Julie and Kat.

Takes a deep breath. THIS WAS AMAZING.
This book grabbed me instantly and did not let me go for one second. There was never a dull moment. Only pure creeptastic gory goodness.

Don’t touch this book if you have a weak stomach. Kealan Patrick Burke laughs at your weak stomach. Feels? He collects those and eats them for breakfast.
There is no detail he doesn’t spare you, and whatever he doesn’t it’s because the visuals are enough. This is a blood and guts free for all.


Parents, I know you’re probably really tired of telling your kids to be cautious in unknown areas right? Every time they have the urge to go out and trek the unknown you secretly die inside. You plaster a smile on your face and start sounding like a broken record with all the, “Be carefuls” and “Call me,” and “don’t wander to far from the beaten path.”

And what do the kids do. “Ok Mom, Ok Dad” and they roll their eyes and do exactly what you told them not to.
Well, here is some advice. Just buy them a copy of Kin and consider your job done.

“Living is hard; Death is easy. And there are no answers on either side”

Claire,her boyfriend Danny, and her two friends Katy and Stu decide to go off to do some backpacking. They want the authentic experience which means no cars or hotels just them and mother nature. Which is how they end up in Elkwood, Alabama where unbeknownst to them people have been disappearing for years without drawing any attention to the town. Soon Claire and her friends fall prey to the band of predators a.k.a the Merill family who run the town by inflicting fear on its inhabitants. Fear that has kept the town silent about what they know. However, all that changes when Claire manages to survive her ordeal and is prepared to tell the world about the horrific, and the sick sadistic family that lives in Elkwood.

“Everything is dead”

This is the killer hook that grabbed me from the beginning, and it didn’t stop there. Burke creates a cast of flawed, yet sympathetic characters. Each one has their story, their layers, and depths. Pete, one of people who aides Claire in her escape is at first a young naive boy, who then transforms into a man prepared to do what needs to be done for justice.

“And I came to tell you,” he said, his face impassive, a queer light in his eyes. His hands had begun to tremble and she reached out to hold them in her own. His skin was cold. “That I am to find those folks and make ‘em sorry for what they done.”

Finch, Danny’s older brother and War vet lives his days drowning in alcohol to escape escape what he did and witnessed in the war. He doesn’t have much to lose, so he figures why not get go after some well deserved revenge.

I’m going to kill them, Beau,” he said, nodding slowly.”Every fucking one of them. And I don’t care what happens because of it. They had no right to what they did.”

We also get the perspective of the Merrill Clan and I’ll spare you some of those details, but man were their heads a trip to be in.

I’m not a stranger to horror and gore, however, I usually get my kicks for this genre through the creepy supernatural half. This was my first all out gore fest and it was bloody fantastic! As I said before, Burke is very graphic and his descriptions are indeed very vivid. Apart from the gore, he does a great job of showing us inside his characters’ heads. You really feel their emotions, their inner turmoil, and angst.

Kin not only messed with me psychologically, but it also definitely did things to me physically. I got goose bumps, gagged, cringed, couldn’t eat, I was afraid to go to bed, and I think I even teared up a bit.

Overall, a completely immersive experience, and any book that does that to me regardless of its faults get all the points and all the stars in my book.


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