Book Thoughts: Saga


How to explain Saga? It’s similar to trying to describe a really bizarre yet epic dream. There is all of that nonsensical logic that only takes place in dreams. I mean, of course it makes perfect sense to wander a forest and have this pop up,

The Stalk

Followed by this:


And just like the dream you don’t even bother to try and apply logic. You just go with it and ride the awesomeness of the moment.

My second Brian K. Vaughan book, and all I have to say is BKV. I like your style.

Saga has perhaps the best opening lines I have ever read.


Spoken by Alana while giving birth to her and her husband Marko’s firstborn. Except this isn’t a typical birthing. There aren’t any helpful nurses in scrubs, no dull lights and soft beds, and no doctor coming in to tell mommy to breath.

Because Markco and Alana are members of two feuding races. You know what that spells.

Naturally the coupling of two waring soldiers doesn’t go unnoticed or taken lightly. Now everybody and their cat wants them dead, and their precious little mutt captured. Talk about maternity rest for poor Alana. She, Marko , and their baby are on the run from multiple factions. Yet, these two haven’t gone soft just because they’re parents. While they want to find their little pocket of peace in the galaxy, they don’t hesitate to cut some people up if they get in their way.

A word of advice when dealing with Alana. Don’t mess with he because she don’t play games.
She is hot head, and is ready to do what needs to be done to protect her family. If that means shedding some blood to do it, than by all means bring on the bloodshed.

Same goes for Marko, except he’s more on the mellow side. He really doesn’t want to fight anymore, but what’s a man to do when the fight comes to him?


Kick ass that’s what.

Another huge plus is PEOPLE OF COLOR.
How awesome is it that the two leads are people of color? I can’t speak for everyone, but this makes me really happy.

Overall, Saga is out there for sure, but don’t let that stop you from picking this up. You will laugh and be amazed. One of my favorite reads of the year!


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