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Sorry my reviews have  MIA these past few days. It’s getting super hot here, and the heat always triggers my migraines which  pretty much make everything impossible to do. (You see why I love winter?)I will try to get back on track with tags and reviews, and random stuff soon. In the meantime, here are my thoughts on The Heretic QueenBy Michelle Moran

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“This is how memories are; what seems so clear and unforgettable at one moment vanishes like steam the next.”

Princess Nefetari( Nefer) is the last descendent of the Heretic monachars of Egypt, the infamous Neferitit and her husband Akhenaten. Their reign was one of fear and madness and as a result the people of Egypt still hate and fear anything to do with them. Their memories have been erased and their names are never mentioned. Their only living remnant is Nefertari. Nefer’s life is plagued by their memory. Not matter that she has grown up in the royal palace alongside the crowned prince and does everything she can to distance herself from her ancestors, she is never allowed to forget who her family is. So she fights to make a new name for herself, and return her ancestors to their rightful place in Egyptian history.

*Historical Note* We don’t know for sure if Nefer was their niece as Michelle Moran states. While she did exist, we don’t know for sure that Nefertari was related to Nefertiti.

The first half of The Heretic Queen really worked for me. Moran did a great job of making me feel like I was in Egypt. I loved her descriptions of the palace and the festivals, Nefertari’s maid doing her makeup. (I’m a sucker for ancient Egyptian stuff). She created a heroine that I immediately liked. Nefertari is smart, sweet, and a bit of a tomb boy. To some extent she’s a bit of Mary Sue, in the later half especially, but I found myself liking her anyways. She’s had it rough thanks to the legacy her family left her, but she’s determined to prove everyone wrong, and to win the love of her childhood sweetheart Prince Ramsees.

So while the first half really worked for me, the second half did not. For one, the plot become too predictable and convenient. While there were still some sweet and satisfying moments. My main feeling was boredom, and much of that I attribute to the characters.

I don’t like being told that I should dislike a character, and I distinctly felt like that was the case. These characters were just too black and white for me. I like complexity in the villains and the heros. I think it makes for much more intrigue not to mention it adds more depth to the story. The villains here were childish and laughable. I never once thought they would prevail.

For example, Iset- Nefertari’s rival-is cast as the stunning, yet idiotic bimbo. She is so stupid, and she makes so many faux pas, that even Nefertari can’t help but feel bad for her. I know that we’re supposed to root for Nefer which make the reader dislike Iset on principle, but there is a way to do that while still giving her some character. I mean what kind of challenge is that for Nefer? I will tell you. A very boring one. If Iset had had one decimal of a personality, and had been an actual threat to Nefer, this would have made for a much more interesting and dramatic read.

And don’t get me started on Ramsees. Is he or is he not a King? I thought kings walked around doing whatever the hell they wanted and everyone else either gets with the program or gets beheaded. Not this guy. He is a complete daddy’s boy. He loves Nefer, and he knows that she’s the obvious choice because duh who wants that dumb bimbo mentioned above, yet every time he gets close to a decision what happens? Someone-sometimes people he doesn’t even like or respect- tells him to wait, and does the big bad king listen!

Yes, he does.

Nefertari should be made a saint for simply putting up with his bullshit.

Overall, awesome setting, a good main character, but really weak side characters that kept me from loving this one.


5 thoughts on “Book Thoughts:The Heretic Queen

  1. I get horrible migraines too. They’re awful and I don’t think people who don’t get them themselves understand just how bad they can be. Sorry to hear that you didn’t enjoy the characters in this one. But, obviously characters are a HUGE part of the book, so if characters are badly written it can really ruin the story. Great review, though! 🙂

    • Thank you:) I know they’re no fun. My migraines knock me out a whole day, plus half of the next one. They’re the worst! Yes, I agree. I’m a huge character driven person, so if I’m not vibing with them, chances are the book isn’t going to work for me. Oh well on to the next!

  2. Hello. 🙂 Sorry to hear about your migraines, I hope the weather cools off for you. We haven’t been having that problem here in Michigan, it’s only gotten into the low 70s.

    Now I’m torn on whether to read this book or not. Thanks for the good review. I hate when a book has such promise and the author mucks it up.

    • Hello! Thank you. The weather is cooling down a bit, so hopefully it stays that way. It’s 70 right now, and that I can deal with. When it starts getting into the 90s I go crazy haha
      I always encourage people to still give the book a try if it sounds interesting to them even if I didn’t like. What are my pet peeves may be your likes, so who knows you might end up liking it:)

      • It’s supposed to be hot here, we swapped.

        I think we have the similar tastes, but I understand what you mean. Some people rave about books that I couldn’t stand and vice-versa.

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