Book Thoughts: Eden at the Edge of Midnight

Eden at the

Group read with these chikadees Athena, Annette, Kat, Robin, and Alexa.

“You aren’t the chosen one.
Say what? You said I have the gift.
“You have a gift. One that can unlock the dial. But you aren’t the chosen one. I am.”

So we can eliminate the chosen one out of the way, but then what exactly is Sammy?
I couldn’t tell you because it never gets explained.

I’ve been putting off writing this review because there isn’t anything I have to say that hasn’t already been said by my BR buddies in their reviews. But here is my two cents anyway.

Eden at the Edge of Midnight had tons of potential, great beginning, an awesome setting, and the promise of great characters. However, the execution did not do it for me, the ending was a let down, and the characters either didn’t make sense or they were annoying. The only thing that was consistent for me was the setting. Oh and Louis the dinosaur pet. He’s amazing.

Sammy is a sixteen year old normal teen. She’s kind of lonely though. She hasn’t been able to make any friends at her new school, she worships her self-centered father, and she has nothing in common with the kids at school. So while life is OK, it could be better. Then Sammy meets Esther, a crazy old lady who needs Sammy’s help to get back to her world and make it right. Sammy thinks she’s a loony, but she holds Esther’s magical bracelet for her anyway. Esther’s tells Sammy not to fiddle with the bracelet. And does Sammy listen? Of course not
Now Sammy finds herself in a world full of giant mushrooms, never ending smog, a dinosaur with chicken wings, and other very strange happenings.

That ending was reminiscent of my last minute college papers. I’d start off pumped with coffee and ideas, and by the fourth page- once the coffee supply dwindled and fatigue kicked in- it just became about getting it done rather than being brilliant. More than once my professors would return my papers with the helpful, “What happened to the ending?” And that’s what I’m asking here.

I ended this book with too many questions, and not enough answers. Throughout the novel a great mystery was being hyped up-a few mysterious actually- and then it was sort of just left in the air. I get that this is a series so maybe these questions will be answered later on, but you have to leave us with something in the first book.

I’ve got nothing in common with the girls at Pitscrapes. They don’t watch kung fu movies or read comics. And when I come out with movie quotes they look at me like I’m on drugs.

The characters could have been drawn out much better. I was convinced I would love Sammy. Her humor was reminiscent to mine, and I though she would be a badass MC. But the second half had me wondering if this was the same girl. She became naive, annoying, and selfish.

The romance if you could call it that is too awkward to even talk about, so I will not.

As for the side characters Louis is the only one I cared for. The rest, except for the real villain who is pretty cool, are all one dimensional. I can’t tell you who is legitimately evil, and it isn’t because the author made them so complex, but because they’re too vague.

I did enjoy the setting. It had a very desert tone to it, and that’s one of my favorite fantasy settings. The world itself if very mysterious, and I’m intrigued with it. I enjoyed learning about the lore behind it even though those scenes were the most confusing to get through.

As a whole I feel like with some polishing up this could have been much better read.

I was given a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.


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