Status update in quotes.

Mgic“I know what you mean,” Julie murmured. “You try your best and only make yourself feel stupid. Everybody seems to know some sort of secret that you don’t and that makes them better than you.”

From Magic Strikes Ilona Andrews (page.213)

I know exactly how Julie feels at the moment. Lately with this whole job search thing it feels like everyone around me took some seminar that I missed out on. I know it’s a process, and no said it would be easy, but  somedays it  feels like I take a step forward one day only to take two steps back the next. Anyways, enough with the moping. I’m usually not this pessimistic, but it’s one of those days, and this quote summed up my feelings perfectly. On a positive note, I’m loving this series which I didn’t think I would ever say after reading the first.

I’m going to try and do more status updates for my reads on here. I  mostly post them on Goodreads, but I’m trying to do more freestyle blogging on here, and I love some of the discussions I  have had through status updates over there, so maybe the same can happen here.

How are you guys feeling about your current reads? Post status updates and let me know:)



2 thoughts on “Status update in quotes.

    • Thank you you’re the sweetest:)

      Harry Potter!! That sounds amazing. I’ve never been able to find anything that remotely resembles HP, but I’ll check this out, and I’ll be keeping an eye out for your review!

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