Book Thoughts: Magic Burns

Mgic Burn


What just happened?

I don't

I’m so confused right, but in the best way possible. All I have to say is I tip my hat to all your people who swore the series gets better. It really does.

I love when a book can surprise me especially one that I didn’t expect much from. This doesn’t happen often, but when it does it’s absolutely the best.

A quick refresher

I read the first book in the series a few months ago, and was completely on the fence. I almost didn’t finish it, and by some miracle the book got better, not great just better. I didn’t have any plans to continue on with the series immediately, but my library hold came in so I figured why the hell not?

On a side note, I was also on the verge of falling into a reading slump. Everything I touched was not hitting me. I must have started five different books, and I never managed to get passed the first two chapters. I was officially in full slump mode, and I was falling into a pit of despair when Magic Burns came my way. Well, let me tell you Kate is such a badass that she managed to not only kick some series ass, but she also kicked my reading slump to the curve.

Ladies and Gentlemen a fan girl has been born.

Kate Daniels,
Youz a beast.

“You don’t cause problems. You cause catastrophes.”

Proper review perhaps may come, right now I’m too busy reading Magic Strikes.


4 thoughts on “Book Thoughts: Magic Burns

  1. haha! I’m glad the series got better. Must be the author needed to mature a bit. I hope you stay out of the slump, I hate that. My last slump lasted almost 5 months, but the Hunger Games saved me.

    • Who knows what happened. Maybe they just took a lot of constructive criticism and put it to good use because they did a complete 180 with the sequels. Ah The Hunger Games. I love!

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