Book Thoughts: Saga Volume 2



Some dreams really do come true. That said, most dreams are weird as shit.

Saga Volume 2  picks  up right where Volume 1 leaves us. There isn’t much I can say  in the review since it’s a sequel, and I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone, but let me tell you the madness continues, and you will love it!

Alana, Marko, family and co are still on the run. Just when they think they can catch their breaths, someone or something else gets in their way.

Volume 2’s pace was a bit slower than volume 1. In 2 the focus is on the back stories of characters. We get  flashbacks to the events prior to Volume 1. It alternated a lot between the past and the future.

For example, we get to see Alana and Marko’s first meeting, and how they fell in love.


We also get glimpses of Marko’s childhood.

little mar

Volume 2 also picks up the other characters’ story arch  such as The Will and Lying cat, Robot IV. The villains  are drawn out more, and not they weren’t complex before, but here they really get fleshed out. You want to hate them, but Brian K. Vaughan makes it hard.

The plot twist as new characters are introduced. Some that will for sure stir the pot. Oh and that ending! Make sure you have Volume 3 on hand is all I’m saying.  


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