Liebster Award


I was nominated by the lovely Yvo from It’s all about Books. Thanks again. It took me forever to come up my questions,but I  finally came up with some half way decent ones:)

The Rules:

1) Write a post featuring this award, and the award logo and make sure you don’t forget to thank the person who nominated you.

2) Answer 10 questions.

3) Make up your own 10  questions to answer.

4) Tag and nominate 10 amazing bloggers that have under 200 followers (Or under 1000 if you prefer)

5) Let those bloggers know that they have been nominated for the Liebster award!


My answers to Yvo’s questions:

1) Which do you prefer: an e-book or an actual book?

Although I have grown to love my kindle, I still prefer physical books.

2) What would be your dream travel destination?

Lately all the amazing Japanese literature I’ve been reading has made me look up flights to Japan at least every other day. (Not lying)

3) What is your favorite music?

I don’t think I have one. My mood determines what I like listening to. Some of my favorites are oldies, blues, reggae, and pop.

4) If you have unlimited access to money, where in the world would you live?

Right now it would New York City. It’s the hub of everything I find interesting.

5) What is your biggest fear?

Losing the people I love.

6) If one of the three senses had to be taken away which you choose: sigh, speech, or hearing Why?

Speech. I need my eyes to read, and my ears to listen to music and audiobook, so those are a  must. I’m not a talkative person to begin with, so not being able to talk would give me the perfect excuse to stay silent and just observe.

7) What would you say is you best quality?

Open mindedness. I’m always open to trying new things. And I try not to judge what I don’t know or understand.

8) What is your favorite food when reading?

I usally don’t eat because I don’t want to get anyting on my pages. I do enjoy drinks though.

9) If you could choose in which time you could live would you choose the past, present, or future? Why?

The past if I could change stuff. I have a few things I wish I would have done differently.

10) Are you right handed or left handed?


My Questions:

1) What is your favorite literary genre?

2) What is the strangest book you’ve ever read?

3) What is your dream job?

4) What would your dream vacation be like?

5) What is your favorite literary world? This can be a real one, or a made up one.

6) What is your earliest book memory?

7) What is your favorite dish?

8) Do you take notes while you read?

9) What are the  5 books you wish the whole world would read?

10) How do you decide what to read next?


Almost everyone I want to nominate has already been nominated.  It’s hard to nominate just  10 people when they’re are so many blogs out there, but I here goes. I tried to go with people who are just starting out and could use the love.

Woven Magic Books

Books & Cleverness

Saturday’s Alright for Writing 

Media in Color


Hit or Miss Books 


Fantasy Books 

Dawn of Books 

For the Love of the Page 




8 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. Thank you for nominating me! I’m very thankful for it. However, I was nominated back in March and did the questions then, so I probably won’t do it again.
    But to answer some of your questions: 1) classics, 6) The Very Hungry Caterpillar, 8) Not really, unless it is long and I plan on reviewing it, 10) I have a few TBR lists but I also try to keep my eyes open for recommendations as well as new releases.

  2. Thank you for nominating me! I’ve always wanted to go to Japan, but it’s so expensive. I’ve been trying to learn Japanese for years, but I’m terrible at languages. I can understand some though. (I was eavesdropping on some tourists on my vacation. The older man was lecturing the younger man who just kept saying “I know…” haha!) Sorry for going off topic. Nice questions!

    • You welcome:)Haha no worries I love randomness. Ugh I’m pining for Japan so badly these days. Yesterday I went to my favorite Japanese restaurant and had a had a random conversations with a couple who was moving back to Japan, and it took all I had to not bombard them with questions. 😛

  3. You came up with great questions! 😀 Japan sounds like an interesting country to visit, and I definitely agree with you on the speech part. 🙂

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