Status Updates in Quotes.

I’m doing another one of my  status updates. I’m currently reading three books so three different updates this time.  These three books are so different from each other that every time I put one down to pick the other up, it gives me a bit of a  whiplash.

Status Updates:

The Barefott queen   The Barefoot Queen  by Idefonso Falcones

“How are we going to insist on their freedom if we can’t even claim what belongs to us? 

Currently at 42% and while I am loving the historical info (I have a sweet spot for Spanish history) but the pace has slowed down considerably. It’s dangerously getting into dragging territory, and we all know how I feel about that. On the plus side, I do like the characters. If I had to rate it right now, it would be a solid 3.


THe girl  The Girl with All the Gifts M.R Carey

 “She wrestles with a wild animal, and the animal is her.So she knows she’s going to lose.

I’m currently  about 29%. My blood pressure needed to calm down after I read this scene. This has so far been a blast! Here is a book that deserves all the hype it’s getting.

THe Painted  The Painted Veil by W Somerset Maugham

  Was it necessary to tell me that you wanted nothing in the world but me?”The corners of his mouth drooped peevishly.

“Oh my dear, it’s rather hard to take quite literally the things a man says when he’s in love with you.”“Didn’t you mean them”?

“At the moment.”

So much frustration for this scene. Scratch that. So much frustration for this entire book.

One minute I’m cheering because a certain character got what they deserved, and the next I’m feeling  sympathetic towards them. Emotions are all over the place.

I’m reading this as part of the Dusting of the shelf Read- a-thon. (The one that I’m sadly failing at. ) I decided to pick up the audio to help me out, and I’m getting through it very quickly.  Which is nice because this is some heavy stuff.

How are you guys feeling about  your current reads?


2 thoughts on “Status Updates in Quotes.

  1. I haven’t read any of these books, but I think the quotes you picked really told about the books. Sounds like a good author if they can make you love and hate the same characters. I’m doing awful in the read-a-thon… I’m liking the book I’m reading right now, it’s a dystopian called Perfection.

    • Totally agree. Good authors make you hate and love their characters. Glad you’re enjoying your book. I’ve been wanting to read a good dystopian for awhile, so I’ll look into this one!

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