Book Thoughts: The Bird Eater

The Bird Eater

Buddy Read with these amazing ladies: Jenna and Shandra.

If you like horror, but you aren’t in the mood for something too intense, I’d recommend The Bird Eater. You could probably finish this in a day if you don’t have anything going on, and while it has its creepy moments, it really doesn’t mess with your mind all that much.

You’re totally safe to sleep with the lights off for this one.

It does have some horrific things going on think: guts, creepy kids, and crows. Which by the way, I lurve.


I don’t run away from crows or ravens. I run to them.
Blame it on Poe.

However, these weren’t the things that had me setting the book aside to decompress.The darkness found here has more to do with tragedy as opposed to the big bad hiding under the bed.

“Son,” he murmured, shooting Aaron a distrusting glance. “Rumor has it you’re supposed to be dead.”

Aaron Holbrook comes back to his childhood home in rural Arkansas to deal with his demons figuratively and unbeknownst to him, literally. Aaron’s life has been one giant tragic event after the other. Whatever little peace he manages to obtain gets brutally snatched from him. On top of that, he moves into a haunted house. You think your problems are bad?

And here is where I had to take a step back from the book. It’s so…depressing. See, sometimes books have distinct colors in my mind, and this one was gray from start to finish. Every time I envisioned the setting it was one giant gray blob. With snow. Even though this town was smack dab in the middle of summer. Nope. Never saw the sun here. Perhaps it’s the gloominess surrounding the characters and the overall story. Nothing good ever happens to these characters, and in the end nothing is really resolved.

And that transitions nicely into my issues with the book. When a book revolves around a center, I like intensive back story. It’s the history nerd in me, but I love knowing the whys and hows of what made a place the way it is. Needless to say, this was lacking here. We get accounts, but never proper explanations.

So maybe you can chalk that irk up to personal preference. Nonetheless, it kept me from completely enjoying the book.

As for the ending, it felt unresolved which is another irk of mine. Unless a book is a part of a series, I rarely let open ended endings pass. I don’t mean that every single question needs to be answered, but at least the major ones. After finishing this one, there were at least two big questions that I wanted answers to.

For all of that, I would still recommend this to my horror lovers. There is a definite creep factor here. Subtle, but it’s there. Like I said before, it’s also easy to get through, and the characters are easy people to be around. Sure sucky stuff happens to them, but they’re aren’t the moping kind which I appreciated because I don’t think I could have handled the book if they were.

Overall, I would have wanted a more fleshed out story and some answers, but it’s not a bad book at all.


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