Book Thoughts: The Tent

The tent


Buddy Read with my ladies of gore: Kat and Julie.

I got goosebumps all over the place. Kealan Patrick Burke is quickly becoming one of my favorite horror authors. He is so good at creating a story that leaves you feeling icky, terrified, yet absolutely fascinated. And just like he did with Kin, I question the benefits of ever venturing in search of experiences. I really I have plenty of experiences in the books I read. Who needs to to come across an abandoned creepy tent in the middle of the forest? Not this girl.

After reading the gore fest that is Kin, I expected a banging opening which wasn’t the case. The beginning is slow paced filled with a lot of mopey internal dialogue that had me bored. The internal dialogue belongs to Mike, who in a last ditch effort to save his marriage, decides to take his wife Emma and their son Cody camping. In between the moping and Emma going off on Mike, Cody disappears. In their frantic search for him, they come across a tent. But, this isn’t just any tent.

I did enjoy The Tent, but the first 20% didn’t have me convinced I would. Once Emma and Mike stumble upon the tent, however, it really takes off, so if you find yourself in a similar situation, stick it out because it’s so worth it.

Since this is a novella, I didn’t expect to care much for the characters. It’s hard to when you only spend two pages, sometimes less with them, but I walked away wishing this was a full length story because I wanted to know what happens to them.

As for this ending,  it’s a tease. It gives me a glimpse of more creepiness to come, but doesn’t actually give me the creepy. No fair.

Overall, a very well written and horrific novella. I highly recommend to horror lovers.


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