Book Thoughts: Sweet Tooth, Vol. 1:Out of the Deep Woods

Sweet Tooth

A plague is wiping out an entire generation to make way for a new animal-human hybrid race. Gus is one of them.

Born with a human body and antlers, Gus has left the woods where he and his father lived in an isolated cabin.


After tragedy strikes, Gus is forced out of his homeland and follows Mr. Jeppers, a man who not only gives him his nick name “Sweet Tooth,” but he also promises to escort him to “the preserve,” a sanctuary for those like Gus. Our world has been wiped out, and now the roads are plagued by ruthless bandits who will take everything they want by any means necessary. Gus’ only hope is to stay close to Mr. Jeppers and pray for the best.

This is a really cool concept. The blurb says this is a cross between The Road and Bambi which I agree with. I got the same creepy vibes from the setting that I did with The Road. As far as I know this world is in complete anarchy. The only ones who have survived are the very ruthless, or the very innocent. Gus and Mr. Jeppers’ journey is filled with bruises, cuts, and wounds.

Overall, I enjoyed it. It’s very dark, but it’s a dystopian post apocalyptic read, so naturally it has to be. I do recommend this one, but beware of that heat breaking and cliffy ending.


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