Book Thoughts: Magic Slays

Magic Slays

Short and simple Magic Slays  thoughts post.

My favorite so far! I haven’t been feeling well, so I decided to pick up the audio since my eyes have been killing me, and now I’m even more in love.
Renée Raudman’s voice is creepily similar to how I pictured Kate’s snarky sarcastic voice in my head. Not to mention the range of voices she can do for every character. I love audiobooks. They make sick days in bed bearable.

Anyways, I’m at that point in a series where I’m head over heels in love, so reviews consist of nothing but my endless praise. So how about I just list what I love the most.

1) The fact that Kate and Curran’s relationship is hot and hilarious.
2) Kate calling Curran Sugarwagums.
3) Ascanio
4) Kate’s and Jennifer scene.
5) Kate doing whatever the hell she wants because she’s a grown woman.


Seriously Urban Fantasy lovers, pick these up pronto!


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