Book Thoughts: The Shadowed Sun

tHE Shadowed Sun

Book 1 of the The Dreamblood Series.

The Killing Moon Thoughts.

Well. Memories can be both sweet and painful.

The Shadowed Sun takes place ten years after the events of The Killing Moon. Book 1 left us with some unresolved issue and some very unhappy characters. These characters make their way to center stage in the sequel as they prepare to take back what they lost, and get their revenge.

Quick recap:
The city of Gujareeh worships the female Goddess Hananja, and her priest of sorts are known as the Hetawa. The Hetawa use magic that is created out of dreams. This magic is mostly used for good, but when abused or misused it can be extremely deadly. Where book 1 focused on the abuse of magic, book 2 centers  on the misuse and mistreatment of it.

Some of the older characters make appearances, but the focus stays firmly on our new  heros.

We have:
The exiled Prince of Gujrareeh, Wanahomen, who after witnessing the Hetawa strip away his family’s name and honor, vows to take back his crown at any cost.

Hanani: One of the only female Sharers in the Hetawa, she just wants to serve her faith and be accepted in the Hetawa. But, because she’s female she often gets the short end of the stick, and she is quickly blamed when things go wrong.

Any woman can face the world alone, but why should we have to?

Jemisisn’s really explores women’s roles in regards to society and religion. As I said before with The Killing Moon, these books feel like historical fiction and in book 2 we witnesses drastic changes in the the culture’s that Jemison creates.  We see the irony of serving a female goddess, but having females be second class citizens within the society. She rattles the societal norms and expectations, and I loved seeing old and outdated mentalities get thrown out the window.

Jemisin also doesn’t shy away from making the reader uncomfortable. There is, rape, incest, and violence and much of it is directed at innocents.It isn’t too graphic, but it’s there so be warned.

Similar to The Killing Moon, the setting completely did me in. Jemisisn based the Banbarra culture on the Anasazi Native American tribe, and much of this book’s setting took place in desert canyons with a rich and vibrant culture living in it.

Picture this:



I love the desert in theory, but I’m not one for lounging around in the sand awaiting mirages(I’ll take a rainy day any day) However, Jemisisn’s setting made me want to slap on the SPF 5o and be a tourist for the day.

There is  much more romance and humor in this, one and it contrasted nicely with all the heaviness of the read. Wanhomen and Hanani are so awkward and so funny together.

Overall,  a satisfying sequel and ending to a great series.



4 thoughts on “Book Thoughts: The Shadowed Sun

    • Thank you! She’s a really great writer, and her world is very diverse and unique. I’m actually itching to start her Inheritance Series, but I’m I have to knock out a few series first!

      • Yea, hah, I saw! I’m planning to buy her Inheritance trilogy soon, they combined it into an omnibus that’ll be hitting shelves sometime soon, if it’s not already out.

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