Book Thoughts: The Turtle Boy

The Turtle Boy
Buddy Read with my fellow Burke fangirls:Julie and Kat.

So the one day I actually have time to be on Goodreads/the internet, which these days has been not a whole lot, is the day that my internet decides to crash.
Lovely right?

I was also in the middle of writing this review(on Goodreads) when the crash occurred, so apologies if this is a little lackluster. If you want better and coherent thoughts, go check out my BR buddies’ reviews. When will I ever learn to not write reviews on GR first? Never apparently.

Rant Over.
On to The Turtle Boy.

Turtle Boy centers around two best friends. Timmy and Pete. They’re your average kids whose world consist of running around searching for adventures. Their town has a bit of an urban myth concerning a pond, turtles, and a missing boy. They’re feeling kind of brave one day, and they decide to go check the pond out. A bit of creepiness ensues and the boys hightail it out of there. Unfortunately, they set off a chain of events that uncover buried secrets.

The Turtle Boy is one of Burke’s earliest works. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s his first. It’s a different style than his later stuff. Granted I’ve only read Kin and  The Tent and they’re both different stories. Not that the writing here was bad, just a bit unclear at parts. I found myself confused and bored for the first half. But, because this happened before with The Tent, I held on hope that it would improve and it did!

The second half reveals some pretty shocking information about the kids’ parents, a bit of action, and perhaps the most creative cliffhanger I’ve ever seen.

On to the characters. I hate Pete’s dad. He’s the only character that I have no doubts about my feelings for. Everyone I’m still a bit iffy on including Timmy. He had his moments, but I still don’t feel like I know him very well. I’m hoping that more info will be revealed, and that they’ll grow on me.

Yes, it does end on a cliffhanger which is why I must get my hands on The Hides ASAP.

Overall, not amazing but not bad. The first of a series so I’m optimistic for what’s to come.


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