Hello lovely people! Hope you’re all doing well. I’ve been in a crazy book/life funk these past few weeks, but I’m trying to jump back into blogging, and I think I found the perfect solution…




I have of course heard about Nanowrimo, but I don’t have the creative energy to try to write a novel this month. Instead, I will attempt to spruce up the blog. This seems like a lot of fun, and I’m genially excited for it. Here is the website if you want more info.

Here is what BookBlogWriMo entails:



Week 1

11/1 – History of Your Blog – Tell us how you got started! When did you start your blog? Why? What have been some of your trials and tribulations? How many pigs did you have to sacrifice to get people to see your Facebook posts?
11/2 – How You Read – Paperback? Hardcover? Ereader? Smartphone? Bookmarks, note taking in the margins, or highlighting? Tell us some of your reading rituals!
11/3 – Where You Read – Pretty self-explanatory. Bonus for a picture!
11/4 – Why You Blog – Again, self-explanatory.
11/5 – Where You Blog – Bonus for a picture!
11/6 – #TBT – Favorite Childhood Books – What were some of your favorite books way back when? This could be a read from before you could read, or what you spent summers by the pool with in high school.
11/7 – #FlashbackFriday – Blog’s First Design – This one’s fun! Oh, how blogs evolve! Go to, enter your blog’s URL, and take a screenshot of what you used to look like!
Week 2

11/8 – Your Blogging Toolkit – We could all blog smarter! Share some of the best tools in your blogging arsenal.
11/9 – Your Blogging Workflow – Lifters can take their #gymflow and shove it. Share your blogging process and rituals using the hashtag #blogflow.
11/10 – Memes You Meme – Do you #ThrowbackThursday or indulge in a little #ManCandyMonday? Share some of your favorite meme posts from your blog or social media pages.
11/11 – #Top10Tuesday – Most Popular Posts – Head on over to Google Analytics or wherever your stats are located and find the 10 most popular posts on your blog. Link to them, talk about them, tell us why we should love them.
11/12 – Advice for Newbie Bloggers – Be Yoda. Share your secrets. Do or do not, there is no try.
11/13 – Your Review Process – Do you write your review the second you finish the book? Months later? Take notes as you read?
11/14 – Your Ratings System – A lot of blogs have ratings policies or systems. Some don’t, but they really do. What makes you decide how many stars to give?
Week 3

11/15 – Favorite Book Blogging Things – Feel free to talk about the wonderful host of BookBlogWriMo and how much you love her.
11/16 – Least Favorite Book Blogging Things – Yeah, sometimes blogging is a pain in the ass. Tell us why.
11/17 – Favorite Book Tropes – Friends with benefits? Manic pixie dream girl? What cliche-type things do you never get sick of?
11/18 – Favorite Subgenres – Self-explanatory.
11/19 – #WaitingOnWednesday – TBR Books – Name some books on your TBR shelf and why you’re looking forward to reading them.
11/20 – #TBT – Best Books of 2014 – Do a top 10, top 20, or hell, top 100 list of books you’ve enjoyed this year.
11/21 – #FlashbackFriday – Your First Reviews – Link up to your some of your first reviews. Feel free to get reflective.
Week 4

11/22 – #ShowMeYourShelves – Take a picture of your bookshelves, whether they’re physical or Kindle folders. It’s always fun seeing how people organize their books!
11/23 – Book Boyfriend Criteria – What do you look for in a book boyfriend? Build your dream man. Book boyfriend examples and pictures of hot guys encouraged.
11/24 – Reading Cave Fantasies – You know those awesome reading nooks on BuzzFeed and Pinterest? Describe what yours would look like.
11/25 – How You Deal with Book Hangovers – Pig out? Take a nap? How do you deal?
11/26 – Cheating on Books: TV & Movies – What are your favorite ways to cheat on books?
11/27 – Authors You’re Thankful For – Who’s sitting at your dream Thanksgiving table?
11/28 – Book Pet Peeves – What plot lines or stereotypes make you cringe or DNF?
Week 5

11/29 – The Future of Your Blog – Where do you think you’re going? Get in touch with your inner Miss Cleo.
11/30 – #BookBlogWriMo Wrap Up – Tell us what you thought of this “challenge!” It will be helpful in future planning. It’s also another chance to give your BookBlogWriMo posts some extra inbound links, and show some love to posts from other participants

I’ve though about doing some of the post ideas for sometime now, so now I have no excuse. I’ll  be out of town the first few days of November, so the first few post might be a bit late, but they’ll be there promise!! I’m determined.

Are any of you participating in this?

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Horror Recommendations



I think I’m falling into a reading slump, which is never a good think, especially when you want to read all of the scary books people keep recommending. And sure, I can read them some other time during the year, but it’s always funner and better this time of year. *sigh*

Even though I’m currently not doing much reading of the horror (aside from The Shinning), I thought I’d still share a few of my favorite horror reads because Halloween is just  around the corner, and I can’t wait!  Some of these  range from really horrific and gory, to psychological terror, and even sort of mild for you woosies out there.

Horror Recommendations:

  frank  Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. This was one of the first classics I ever read, and I was amazed by how easy it was. Of course I was expecting the pop culture version of Frankenstein, but I loved what I got instead. Totally morbid and creepy.

Dracula Dracula by Bram Stroker. All I can really say  is that Dracula is a vamp done right.

Perfume Perfume by Patrick Süskind. I’ve talked a bit about this one before. Basically if you’re a fan of serial killers who are disturbingly fascinating, then this is one if for you. Plus the writing is fantastic.

Salem's Lot Salem’s  Lot by Stephen King. My first King, and wow what an introduction! I’ve always loved vampires and this was no let down. Not that I’ve even touched the surface of King’s work, but this one is still my favorite.

Lege  I am Legend by Richard Matheson. You might be sensing a theme here, but what can I say I love vamps! I love them so much that I have nightmares about them. Awhile back I wrote a review  about this one, but long story short. Creepy vampires with brains what!!

   Conduits Conduits by  Jennifer Loring. I recently read and reviewed this one not too long ago.  It had a very American Horror Story Asylum feel to it, and  completely messed with mind, and I loved it!

The tent The Tent by Kealan Patrick Burke. Review here. A novella I wish had been a full length story. It also made me hesitant to ever go camping. Not that I needed much hesitation in the first place, but still.

Kin  Kin by Kealan Patrick Burke. Review Here. By far the goriest book I’ve ever read. Seriously do not eat anything while reading. It makes me shudder every time I think about it.


Have you read any of these? I’m a weirdo who loves getting scared,  so if you have any recs please send them my way.

The Autumn Book Tag

Trees change colors with falling leaves 1

I had absolutely no idea what to write  today. No memes were hitting me, and I couldn’t find any tags floating around my dashboard, so I went hunting for some, and I found the Autumn Fall  book tag created by Danny and Books. (I couldn’t find the original video/tag so I’ll link to the video I found) Fall/ Autumn is my favorite season, or at  least it would be if I lived somewhere that wasn’t Southern California. Right now L.A. is trying to impersonate fall, but it’s not quite succeeding.  I’m  hoping we’ll get some chill in the air any day now.

The Questions:

What is your favorite thing about the fall?

The weather change. It takes awhile here in SoCal for the weather to catch up to  the season, but when it does finally change, it’s so nice. I’m not a fan of the heat, so a break from that is always desirable. We don’t get leaf changing kind of fall, which is unfortunate, but we do get to crank out the sweaters and stay indoors. I love reading or watching movies with a warm drink. Also, I love the ambiance of it:the pumpkin spiced coffees, the pies, halloween, pumpkin patches. Just cozy vibes all around.

What book most reminds you of going back to school in your school days?

The Harry Potter series. For me, fall always starts the first of September. I guess I’ll never stop pining for my letter from Hogwarts.

Harry Potter

Find a book on your shelf that has an autumn like cover?

among others

I chose Among Others by Jo Walton because it has a very gorgeous orange hued cover, and the book itself has a very fall feel as well.

What is your favorite horror/halloween story? 

I really love Perfume by Patrick Süskind. It’s not a super natural kind of horror; it’s more of a psychological creepy type. It has tons of  hair raising moments.

Also, Kin by Patrick Kealan Burke. I will warn you that this is straight up gore horror.

And Lastly, I Am Legend by Richard  Matheson. I had a terrible nightmare about this one. *shudders*

Perfume     Kin   Lege

What is your favorite horror film?

The Ring. Always and forever The Ring.

The Ring

What book release are you most looking forward to this fall? 

Nothing at the moment, but I was really looking forward to The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell that came out a few weeks ago, and I already picked it up.

The bone

What film release are you most looking forward to this fall? 

I can’t think of any films, but I am  super excited for The Walking Dead and American Horror Story Freak Show.


What three books are you most looking forward to reading this autumn?

Out by Natsuo Kirino, The Bone Season by David Mitchell, and Cracked by Eliza Crewe.

Out     The bone    Cracked

What are some of your favorite  books, film, shows, and anything else fall related? If you take part in this tag, link me to your post.

Hope you’re all having a great day, and a beautiful fall season.



Automatic Author Buys

A few days ago I saw Book Riot’s  Amanda Nelson talking about her auto -buy authors in her video. Auto-buy authors  are authors whose work you will automatically buy/borrow as soon as their new books are released.  After watching her video, it got me thinking about my auto buy authors. I don’t have too many, or so I thought, but as always my Goodreads shelves tell no lies.

To keep this short and simple, I’ll only mention a few.

Auto Buy Authors:


J.K. R

J.K. Rowling

Does this really need explaining?  In case you’ve been living under a rock,  this woman wrote Harry Potter a.k.a my favorite books of all time. Therefore,  that’s earned her an auto-buy honorary spot for life.


Junot Diaz

Junot Diaz is simply the bomb. I got introduced to him in college through his short story collection Drown,  and I’ve been gobbling everything he has ever written since. His characters are always real and honest, and his writing is incredible.



Yoko Ogawa

If Yoko Ogawa wrote a microwave manual I would read it. No joke. My friend introduced me to her books earlier this year, and it’ s been nothing but love. She’s quite dark, and honestly it’s why I love her. However,  The Housekeeper and the Professor was heavy but light if that makes sense, and it  made me sob like a little baby.


Suheir Hammad

Suheir  Hammad is probably my favorite living poet at the moment. I connect with her words and what she talks about so much. She doesn’t sugarcoat anything and her honesty is inspiring.


Melina Marchetta

  Melina Marchetta

Melina Marchetta is my favorite YA author. I also just really love her as author, but in YA she’s queen bee.  Her teenagers are teenagers, her humor is similar to my own, and her stories are always insightful, honest, and real. Even her fantasy is good.  She can do no wrong. If you have doubts, go pick up Jellicoe Road.


     Karen Marie Moning

I’m not sure if I can count this as an auto-buy author since the only books I’ve ever bought from her were books in a series. However,  I’ve already pre-ordered the next installment, so I figured that earns her  a spot. Karen Marie Moning wrote the amazing Fever series. A series I devoured   in one  week while locked up in my room ignoring the outside world because a Fae infested Dublin was just so much cooler. Aside from HP, this is the series I’m constantly trying to convert people to.

Those are a few of my auto-buy authors. What are some of yours?

Book Thoughts: Magic Mourns

Magic Mourns


Today is very mundane Monday. I live in Souther California in a very old house with no AC, and  summer refuses to go away, the lingerer.  My room mind as well be the Sahara right now. Therefore, I’ve  spent very little time in it this weekend. So  no actual post for you guys today, just an old review I forgot to post on here awhile back.  Hope your Mondays are going fabulous, and if  you fall is in full swing wherever you live, know that I am extremely jealous.

“Who is there with you?”
Kate’s voice snapped. “I’ll be in Atlanta in three hours. Where are you?”
“I said it’s nothing major.”
“Bullshit. You wouldn’t work with Raphael unless the Apocalypse was imminent and that was the only way to prevent it.

Magic Mourns is a short novella about Andrea and Raphael. (Two characters in the Kate Daniels series) I think now is the time to admit that I actually prefer Andrea and Raphael’s relationship to Kate and Curran’s. I don’t why. Actually, I do know why. One word.Raphael What can I say? I’m not really into blondes. Every time Raphael occupies pages in this amazing series, I simper just a bit.

Magic Mourns takes place in between books 3 and 4 and Kate is on medical leave of sorts after the events of Book 3. Andrea is filling in for her. She investigates a mysterious call that lumps her in with Raphael the “werehyena Casanova” a.k.a. her not-so-secret-admirerer. The two begin working together to solve the case, and true to form for this series, nothing is ever as it seems. Which can only mean it’s time to consult your mythological handbooks.

I really loved getting more of Raphael and Andrea. Their relationship is light and fun, and both of them are awesome separate, but together they take badass to a whole new level. As for the story, however, having read Gunmetal Magic before reading this, I didn’t feel as enamored with it as I would have had I read this first. Magic Mourns is essentially where the beginning of Andrea and Raphael’s relationship begins. We get tons of background info on Andrea’s life prior to her arrival in Atlanta. Like I said before, Gunmetal Magic got in the way of me really loving this because all of this info gets recapped there.

But, it’s still worth the read for Kate Daniel lovers. If I could go back I would obviously read this before Gunmetal Magic but I still enjoyed it for what it was. A short simple novella featuring some of my favorite characters. Not to mention the hotness levels were off the walls. *fans self*

September Wrap-Up

EmmaMagic MournsI know whymagic RisesBeforeThe Turtle Boy


Harry Potteramong othersThe HidesLast ArgumentConduitsmagic Rises

Books read: 12

September was a decent reading month. I did a few re-reads, wrapped up a series, and  a gazillion years later  I finally completed the Dusting off the shelf read-a-thon. Life has gotten really busy lately which is why I haven’t been reviewing as much. Luckily, I still managed to knock out twelve books this month.

Books read in September: (Bolded titles were my favorites)

Emma by Jane Austen

This was  re-read with my friend Dulce. Not my favorite Austen, but I still like it. I noticed this time around how long winded the story is though.

Magic Mourns by Ilona Andrews

I guess I forgot to post my review  on here, but I wrote one for GoodReads. *facepalm* Here is the link to it on GR, but I’ll probably post it here as well.

I Know why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou

This is such an iconic book, and I can’t believe I never read it before. It’s tragic and lovely all at once. Highly Highly recommended.

Magic Rises by Ilona Andrews

The 6th book in the Kate Daniels series. This one had a different vibe than the the other books, and  I know a lot of people had problems with this one, but I loved it.

Before They Are Hanged  by Joe Abercrombie

I could have sworn I posted my review on here. Oh well. Here is the link. (Note to self: Get it together)

The Turtle Boy by Kealan Patrick Burke

Thoughts Here.

Magic Breaks by Ilona Andrews

I am so sad to admit that this one just didn’t do it for me. Clarification, the ending didn’t do it for me. It was too anticlimactic, and very Breaking Dawn. *ducks* Still, I’m optimistic that the next books will be better.

Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

My billionth re-read, and it was just as lovely and magical as always.

Among Others  by Jo Walton

Thoughts Here.

The Hides by Kealan Patrick Burke

The sequel to The Turtle Boy. As much as I love Burke’s writing, and stories in general. This series is just not winning me over. My BR buddies and I are optimistic though.

Last Argument of Kings by Joe Abercrombie

On a positive note, I wrapped up this seres. However, I didn’t love the conclusion to the series. (This seems to be a theme this month) I loved this series for the characters more than anything, but  all that growth and development they went through just got thrown out the window in the last few chapters. The action was great, and so is the humor. I did a hybrid read with this one,and Steven Pacey is an awesome narrator.

Conduits by Jennifer Loring

Thoughts Here.

How was your reading month? What were your favorite reads?

Book Thoughts: Conduits


Summary from GoodReads:

Mara is a Japanese-American girl with a history of personal tragedy. Though she still cuts herself to quell the pain, she thought the worst was behind her. But her boyfriend’s sudden death, and a visit to one of the most haunted places in Washington State, sends her into a spiral of madness, landing her in a psychiatric ward.

Already suffering from dreams of a strange, ghost-infested house in the woods, Mara begins to question the very existence of reality. She is forced to confront the truth about her older sister’s death and the reason the ghosts have chosen her as their conduit

My Thoughts: 

“Because through suffering, we become purified. And to suffer for another human being is the noblest thing we can do.”

Conduits is a short story with a big bite.    I am a fan of gore in my horror, but I also love a dark psychological  twist and turns kind of tale, and I certainly got this with Conduits.

The  is story drenched in darkness  from the very beginning.  Mara is dealing with her grief the only way she knows how: by cutting herself.   As Mara loses her grasp on reality and becomes more unstable, she is admitted into a psychiatric ward. Forced to confront her issues without the aid her usual crutch, she  becomes aware of a separate reality that comes alive in her dreams. A reality that concerns her past and the dead.

I’ll be  honest, a lot of the story went right over my head. Sometimes this really bothers me, but with Conduits I didn’t mind so much. I think that it’s because this story is meant to rattle our brains a bit. We’re supposed to wonder whether what Mara experiences is real, or if she is indeed losing her sanity.

The story itself unravels so intricately. Little by little we learn about Mara’s tragic past, and how that plays into her present.The supernatural is executed in  the right amount of gore and morbidity. It keeps the reader at the edge of their seats.

I was absolutely fascinated by the  Japanese legends woven into the story. It  not only offers a cultural insight into Japanese horror stories, but it  allows us to understand Mara’s demons better.The Japanese legends gives us clues and insight into the  dead’s interest in Mara becoming their conduit. If of course the dead really are interested in Mara.

Overall, Conduits is a horror story that make you work for it. It’s rich and complex and it will leave you cringing and thinking.

Thank you to DarkFuse via Netgalley for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.