Book Thoughts: Magic Mourns

Magic Mourns


Today is very mundane Monday. I live in Souther California in a very old house with no AC, and  summer refuses to go away, the lingerer.  My room mind as well be the Sahara right now. Therefore, I’ve  spent very little time in it this weekend. So  no actual post for you guys today, just an old review I forgot to post on here awhile back.  Hope your Mondays are going fabulous, and if  you fall is in full swing wherever you live, know that I am extremely jealous.

“Who is there with you?”
Kate’s voice snapped. “I’ll be in Atlanta in three hours. Where are you?”
“I said it’s nothing major.”
“Bullshit. You wouldn’t work with Raphael unless the Apocalypse was imminent and that was the only way to prevent it.

Magic Mourns is a short novella about Andrea and Raphael. (Two characters in the Kate Daniels series) I think now is the time to admit that I actually prefer Andrea and Raphael’s relationship to Kate and Curran’s. I don’t why. Actually, I do know why. One word.Raphael What can I say? I’m not really into blondes. Every time Raphael occupies pages in this amazing series, I simper just a bit.

Magic Mourns takes place in between books 3 and 4 and Kate is on medical leave of sorts after the events of Book 3. Andrea is filling in for her. She investigates a mysterious call that lumps her in with Raphael the “werehyena Casanova” a.k.a. her not-so-secret-admirerer. The two begin working together to solve the case, and true to form for this series, nothing is ever as it seems. Which can only mean it’s time to consult your mythological handbooks.

I really loved getting more of Raphael and Andrea. Their relationship is light and fun, and both of them are awesome separate, but together they take badass to a whole new level. As for the story, however, having read Gunmetal Magic before reading this, I didn’t feel as enamored with it as I would have had I read this first. Magic Mourns is essentially where the beginning of Andrea and Raphael’s relationship begins. We get tons of background info on Andrea’s life prior to her arrival in Atlanta. Like I said before, Gunmetal Magic got in the way of me really loving this because all of this info gets recapped there.

But, it’s still worth the read for Kate Daniel lovers. If I could go back I would obviously read this before Gunmetal Magic but I still enjoyed it for what it was. A short simple novella featuring some of my favorite characters. Not to mention the hotness levels were off the walls. *fans self*


2 thoughts on “Book Thoughts: Magic Mourns

  1. I hate when it’s that hot, but it’s better than being cold. It got up to 50 degrees today in Michigan. I want summer back please! I never know what order to read the short stories in. I usually wait until after I’ve read all of the novels and go back. I’m glad you enjoyed this book! 🙂

    • I prefer being cold. At least I can bundle myself up with layers and drink hot chocolate or tea, but when it’s hot I just get irritated and don’t feel like doing anything. I’ll trade you summer for fall 🙂 I feel the same way about short stories in series. The chronology always messes me up, so I just wait till I’m done with the series, but then the stories don’t always have the same impact. Oh well. Book people problems I guess, and thanks!

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