Automatic Author Buys

A few days ago I saw Book Riot’s  Amanda Nelson talking about her auto -buy authors in her video. Auto-buy authors  are authors whose work you will automatically buy/borrow as soon as their new books are released.  After watching her video, it got me thinking about my auto buy authors. I don’t have too many, or so I thought, but as always my Goodreads shelves tell no lies.

To keep this short and simple, I’ll only mention a few.

Auto Buy Authors:


J.K. R

J.K. Rowling

Does this really need explaining?  In case you’ve been living under a rock,  this woman wrote Harry Potter a.k.a my favorite books of all time. Therefore,  that’s earned her an auto-buy honorary spot for life.


Junot Diaz

Junot Diaz is simply the bomb. I got introduced to him in college through his short story collection Drown,  and I’ve been gobbling everything he has ever written since. His characters are always real and honest, and his writing is incredible.



Yoko Ogawa

If Yoko Ogawa wrote a microwave manual I would read it. No joke. My friend introduced me to her books earlier this year, and it’ s been nothing but love. She’s quite dark, and honestly it’s why I love her. However,  The Housekeeper and the Professor was heavy but light if that makes sense, and it  made me sob like a little baby.


Suheir Hammad

Suheir  Hammad is probably my favorite living poet at the moment. I connect with her words and what she talks about so much. She doesn’t sugarcoat anything and her honesty is inspiring.


Melina Marchetta

  Melina Marchetta

Melina Marchetta is my favorite YA author. I also just really love her as author, but in YA she’s queen bee.  Her teenagers are teenagers, her humor is similar to my own, and her stories are always insightful, honest, and real. Even her fantasy is good.  She can do no wrong. If you have doubts, go pick up Jellicoe Road.


     Karen Marie Moning

I’m not sure if I can count this as an auto-buy author since the only books I’ve ever bought from her were books in a series. However,  I’ve already pre-ordered the next installment, so I figured that earns her  a spot. Karen Marie Moning wrote the amazing Fever series. A series I devoured   in one  week while locked up in my room ignoring the outside world because a Fae infested Dublin was just so much cooler. Aside from HP, this is the series I’m constantly trying to convert people to.

Those are a few of my auto-buy authors. What are some of yours?


12 thoughts on “Automatic Author Buys

    • Haha The Casual Vacancy-wasn’t too bad for me, not as great as Harry though that’s for sure. The Corman Strike books, however, were not as amazing as I would have hoped. She’s is still great, so I’ll always give her a chance 🙂

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