I’m alive. Sort of. My last post was a cheerful I’m going to get back in the game with a daily BookBlogWrimo  post a day, and then November rolled around… and I didn’t. Why you ask?


  • I spent Nov 1st- 4th in N.Y.C. I fell completely in love, and I am now plotting ways in which I can move there. If anyone knows someone hiring, this girl knows how to read a crap ton of books. Very useful skill right?
  • Upon return from the big apple, I got bumped from part time employee at my job, to full time employee. That means more hours and more money, but less me time. Blogging and writing reviews is definitely me time, so sadly there has been a lack of that. And although I totally love the internet, I do enjoy getting some fresh air and socializing which is why I haven’t been using my free time to blog or write reviews. Shame on me I know.
  • I just haven’t really been in the  writing mode. I’ve read and finished a good number of books, some I loved (Boy, Snow, Bird), but mostly they’ve been alright, so I guess my lackluster reading life has drained into my blog life.
  • Lastly, and probably the most shameful reason is… I got hooked on Gilmore Girls. How this show existed and I never watched it boggles my mind. This has easily become one of my favorite shows ever, and I’m only on Season 3. I laugh. I cry. I have no regrets.


So that my lovely friends is where I’ve been. Also, I got some new followers while I was away. Hello! Sorry for the lack of action, but I’m going to try really try to get back to blogging I promise.

Read anything good lately?


4 thoughts on “So….

  1. Hey! Never mind the delay.
    Do start BookBlogWriMo now. Always fun to have more and more people do it.
    Funny thing is, I’m behind by a few days too.
    But aah! I hope to catch up soon.

  2. Welcome back again! I’m only sort of doing BookMo and one post a week, it’s pretty fun so far.

    New York city sounds like fun. I’ve never been there.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying Gilmore Girls, I used to watch that show now and again.

    I’m reading Princess of Thorns right now and it’s pretty good. I also really enjoyed Young Elites and I loved Griever’s Mark!

    • Thank you!!
      I was going to continue, but I’m way too late on it and even though I’m trying to get back to blogging, it doesn’t look like daily post are a possibility 😦 I’ve missed your post though. I’ll have to go check them out.
      Gilmore Girls is getting me through life right now lol
      And I’ve heard great things about Young Elites. Glad you enjoyed it. I’m tempted to give it a try 🙂

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