July Gloom


“…It’s only natural. I suppose I’m a rare case, but I believe that rain has a bad reputation it doesn’t deserve. As for the sun…I don’t know. With the sun, everything seems too easy. Like in what’s his name’s movies…you know, the singer…Palito Ortega. It’s that fake innocence-I always find it exasperating. I think the sun gets too much good press. And that’s why it irritates me when it barges in on rainy days. It’s as though the damned thing just can’t stand to let those of us who don’t worship it like idolaters enjoy an entire day without sunshine.


“I’ll tell you what I think is a perfect day…”An early morning sky covered with storm clouds certain number of thunderclaps, and a good steady rain all day long. I’m not talking about a heavy downpour, because the idiots who love the sun complain twice as much if the city fills up with water. No, I’m satisfied with continuous, even rain that lasts into the night. Well into the night, in fact, so I can go to sleep to the sound of the drops coming down. And if we can get a few additional thunderclaps, so much the better.”

Keep up the gloom, July.
Excerpts from my current read: The Secret in Their Eyes by Eduardo Sacheri.


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