A Day In Santa Barbara

Unbook related post coming. For the record, I did warn you that these might creep in.  As I mentioned a few post ago, I’m going stir-crazy. I really really want to go somewhere and I’m becoming cranky and obsessive about it. With a free Sunday, and nothing to do, I decided to do something about it. I went a few hours north to a place I’ve always wanted to go but never have. A place that has been hyped and raved about by nearly all of my friends,  and let me tell you, Santa Barbara, you did not disappoint.

Needless to say, I did not plan this out. We left around noon which even for a Sunday is doomsday on the 405. We made it to the Santa Barbara mission just shy of an hour before closing.


I immediately felt like I was back in a small Spanish village, or my dad’s hometown in Nicaragua.The streets were small, the houses showcased history, and everything had an authentic  old world feel to it.

Remember those mission projects we did back in elementary? (Cali education) mine was Santa Barbara, and no my replica did not come out like this,



I nerded out while taking pics of it.  My favorite part of the mission is the  garden.

DSCN1315                DSCN1318

The weather was also perfect. I think I jinxed us with my last post because the heat is back and with a vengeance. At least in L.A. it is. This Sunday, however,  it held up nicely, which I was ever grateful for.  The mission’s size is quite small, and we managed to see all of  it in good time. Unfortunately, it being a Sunday and early evening, most institutions closed  which is a shame. I’d have liked to see some galleries or museums.

I did plan to hit up one of the bookshops that popped up on google,  but my non bookish comrades were not down with the plan, and we ended up relaxing in this snazzy little garden instead.

IMG_1158                                           DSCN1342

I did manage to finish a book, though. Oh well, I guess I have to come back now! With a final walk through downtown  which involved much ohing and ahing over adorable shops, we trekked back to L.A.. Back to the traffic, honking and wide open streets, but with the memories of a sweet little getaway just a few hours away.

We can I say, I am completely enamored  and I just had to tell someone about it. Not a lot of places temp me to leave L.A., but Santa Barbara certainly has. I feel so blessed to live in this gorgeous state. The entire drive up the coast I fell a little more in love with my  home state. And although I’m always tempted to leave it for foreign lands,  I shouldn’t be so hasty, there is so much to explore right here and right now.

What is your favorite place near home to explore? For my fellow Californians, any recommendations?


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