Los Angeles’ bookshops: {Pages} A bookstore.


As much as I love bookshops, I’m really embarrassed to admit that I rarely shop in them anymore. When I was younger, I remember  spending all of my allowance money in one afternoon at Barnes and Nobles. However,  I work in a library now, a library which has  a well curated print and digital collection.  I rarely have problems finding what I want. If my specific branch doesn’t have it, I ‘ll order it from the main one, read it, and and return it. It’s lovely really. I get all the joy of reading without the overcrowding.

But, I do  miss the rush of buying books. I miss the newly minted scent, the  uncracked spines, the feel of smooth and unblemished covers… I can’t be the only one drooling here.  Most importantly,  I also miss   adding to my own collection, to not have a deadline to finish a book,  and to support bookstores and the owners who run them with dedication and love. With all that in mind,  I’m starting a new series here that will showcase L.A.’s awesome bookshops. I’ll be focusing on independent, second hand, and even institutional shops. Basically, any cool bookish shops in L.A., which we have  quite a few I’m happy to report. 🙂

First up: {Pages} a bookstore.
Directions: 904 Manhattan Beach Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Pages is located in downtown Manhattan Beach, and it has a cute little beach front set up. It’s a stone throws away from the actual boardwalk and pier, so a trip here makes a nice day of both books and beach fun.

The store is everything you would expect from a beach bookstore:laid back, open, and vibrant. They have quotes lined on the walls e.g, the above William Faulkner quote. I also loved the  bookish designed t-shirts hanging on clothes lines.   Outside its door, there is a chalkboard that  boast new releases and the store’s calendar of events..


IMG_1180      DSCN1351
It’s an intimate space (which made taking pictures awkward, but I tried). The staff is very friendly and not overbearing at all.  Their space is small, but they’ve made good use of it.  Their collection ranges from, new releases, nonfiction, fiction, poetry, children, YA, travel, and bibliophilic parphernalia. I spent quite a bit of time in their poetry collection.



Pages is one of those bookshops that aren’t just in the business to sell books. You get a comfortable homey vibe from the store. They produce a lot of events in and out of their store. A quick peek at their calendar of events will show that  they try to bring in a  little bit of everything, with a focus on local authors and artist. The day I stopped by, they were getting ready for their Blended-Writers on the Stepfamily Experience event.

Chairs at the ready for event.


I ended up walking way with Troika by debut author, Adam Peleman.



The cover caught my eye, but the staff -pick tag  is what sold me. I’ll be sure to let you all know what I thought of it. One of my goals in this new series is to buy books I’ve never heard of, with an emphasis on debut authors.

Pages is probably the closest bookstore to me, and one of the very few indies in the South Bay area of L.A.  I always feel like coming here, but the one thing that always stops me is the parking. I just happen to be in the area this particular day and luckily on foot. It’s to be expected, however, with it being the beach and summer and all. Don’t let that deter you, though. Pages is a great little store with lots to offer. Stop in and buy some books, stay for an event, and end your day with a relaxing stroll along the boardwalk with Palos Verdes to your left, Malibu to your right, and  your lovely new books in your hands.



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