Los Angeles’ Bookshops: Dave’s Olde Bookshop

Mural infront of shop

I’m back with another  Los Angeles bookshop to show you!

First post: Pages, a Bookstore

We’re sill in the South Bay, but this time around we’re looking at a used  bookshop called Dave’s Olde Bookshop.

Directions: 2123 Artesia Boulevard
Redondo Beach, CA 90278


Dave’s Olde Bookshop is located in Redondo Beach and it is the largest used bookshop in the South Bay.It’s not hard to miss if you driving down Artesia plus the big Books! banner  won’t let you. It’s nestled on a corner right next to a  Hookah lounge and a grocery store. Parking is in the back, and there is plenty of it!

 I equate used bookshops to treasure hunts. Unpredictable treasure hunts. There is a lot of combing around in the hopes of finding books that have been on your wish list for eons. You might get lucky, or you might decide to hightail it out and shell out the extra cash at the fancy indie, the Barnes and Nobles down the street, or the highly convenient Amazon.  Used bookshops are resting grounds for recycled books, and often times they resemble just that. Whenever I’m in one,  my desire to organize usually trumps my desire to treasure hunt. Needless to say, I hit up Dave’d Olde Bookshop with a bit of trepidation, but I was very pleasantly surprised.

IMG_1284Dave’d Olde Bookshop is probably the most well organized bookstore I have ever been too. There were no books carelessly thrown in the aisles, no books piled up in random order on the shelves. and no mystery and horror hanging out in the romance section. Although, they did have Faefever in the romance section instead of Fantasy, but so does Barnes and Nobles,  so I’m not holding that against them. The books were separated by category and genre, and thankfully, in alphabetical order. I got the sense that the store was run and curated by readers, and that made all the difference.

IMG_1278    IMG_1282   IMG_1281

In addition to contemporary used books, Dave’s Olde Bookshop also sales rare and  collectable books. These can be found behind the counter.

In keeping with the theme of this project, I shopped with the intention of  finding authors I’d never heard of, and their debut novels. That became pretty difficult, especially in the face of so many books I’ve been coveting for quite some time at half price.  Since I was in a old bookshop, with a lot of really old and might I add hilariously bad 80’s covers, I decided to alter my search and buy something vintage by an author I’d never heard of. The store’s pride is their mystery section, and that is where I found these two.


Back in their heyday, these were a whooping 50 cent a piece! Ironically less than what I paid for them at the bookstore, but it’s all good. They have those delicious brown pages that smell divine.

IMG_1300  Death Mask by Ellis Peters

IMG_1301Death and the Joyful Woman by Ellis Peters (This one won the Mystery Writers of America “Edgar” Award, and it  was named the Mystery of the year back in 1961)

Don’t know anything about them at this point, but I enjoy a good mystery and their synopsis’ sound promising. If on the off chance any of you have heard of these or read them, let me know!

 As Carl Sagan says, ” A Book is proof that humans are capable of Magic.” I will definitely be back to Dave’s Olde Bookshop to try and find some of that magic.

How to do you feel about your local used bookshop?

Happy Reading 🙂


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