Book Riot L.A. Meet Up and Salman Rushdie

It’s  been quite on the Bbliosa bookish front this month. I haven’t been reading much (Thank you school) but, it has  been a good month for events.

I attended Salman Rushdie’s ALOUD talk.( Podcast Link)   It was a full house,  and because it was Salman Rushdie, there was added security. I didn’t have to take my shoes off , but my bag was searched.  Rushdie doesn’t play.

By the way, if you guys are in L.A. you should check out ALOUD’s events. Sandra Cisneros will be there next month,  Lauren Groff  on the 30th of this month, and  Patti Smith in November. .  Check out their website for more  talks and info. Their events really are awesome, and best of all Free! (Well, Patti Smith isn’t, but  it’s like $ 20 bucks)

The talk itself was great. Héctor Tobar was the moderator. I’d heard of him before, but never read his books. Must do that pronto. Rushdie has a great sense of humor. He was there to promote Two Years Eight Months and Twenty Eight Days which I have not read, but will do so as soon as I surface from the massive pile of H.W. I’m stuck under. Have any of you read it?  It sounds whimsical which is just what I need after the dull dreariness of  journal articles and text books.

I didn’t want to take any pics or video because I’m super awkward,  and I kept getting paranoid that my phone would flash. Does anyone else do that? Even though you know your flash is off, when you’re  in places like museums,  galleries, or concerts,  and you’ve specifically been asked to not take pictures, you feel like you’ll get caught?Just me?  I did, however,  manage to sneak in this awkward shot of him signing.

My future career as a paparazzi has promise.


Then I attended the very first Book Riot Book Group (Los Angeles Chapter.) I got to meet Sharifah  from S.Zainab Williams. Hello!! We’d chatted a bit online before, but everyone else was brand new to me. I’m terrible with names, but it was nice meeting you all!

We met at Stories, Books, and Café  in Echo Park, on the patio. I’d driven by there once, but I’d never been in. It is exactly what it sounds like: a bookstore and café that does not mess around with its plants. I had a party to get ready for, so I couldn’t stay and browse after our group chat, but if we meet there again next month, I will. Even though I probably should’t…

We talked about our latest reads, some good some bad. I mentioned Troika, the book I bought at Pages a few months ago. It was really great! One of those that stick with you for a bit. It’s definetly  going to be in my best of September post, so I’ll talk about it more there.

I got a copy of the Read Harder Challenge. I hadn’t been officially participating in it, but unofficially I’ve been rocking it! I’ve completed  13 out of 24 without knowing it.


We chatted more books, t.v. shows, unprepared travelers, and the book adaptation  that just might finally earn Leo DiCaprio his Oscar. Despite the blistering heat, It was fun.  I don’t have many book lover friends outside of the internet, so being able to sit with people and talk books in real time was awesome.  The main reason I started blogging was to meet fellow book lovers, and I’d always hoped that it would eventually lead me to people that I might be able to share this love with over coffee and drinks.  It felt surreal to actually be doing it. I’m excited for next month’s meeting!

September is almost over, and I hope with it goes this awful heat, so that the  beautiful fall can dazzle us all.

Have you guys been to interesting or fun events this month?

Thanks for reading, and I’ll talk to you soon 🙂



3 thoughts on “Book Riot L.A. Meet Up and Salman Rushdie

  1. It was so nice to meet you in person! Thank you for coming out to the Read Harder group. I’m right there with you about book shopping after the next one. 🙂
    I also need to get around to reading the new Salman Rushdie. It’s on the list!

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