Best of June

What happened to June? I know I was super busy, but it’s crazy how busy this month flew by. Between a hectic work schedule, prepping for my upcoming trip(3 days away!), and taking two summer classes, it’s a miracle I managed to read anything at all. June was a great reading month. While going over my list I found it hard to narrow it down to three.  I love having that problem.

The first book I want to talk about is also my favorite of the month, and one of my favorites of the year.


The Secret History of Las Vegas by Chris Abani

“Time was the only variable in every equation of power and oppression-how long before the pot boiled over.”

Part murder mystery.Part historical fiction All beautiful prose. Vegas is known for its wackiness, we all know that, which is why it’s the perfect backdrop to for a story that features  conjoined twins, sideshow acts,shady government activities, and  unsolved murder cases. Plus, the writing is absolutely spell-binding.


All Involved by Ryan Gattis.

L.A. has a short fucking memory. It never learns nothing. And that’s what’s gonna kill this city. Watch. There’ll be another race riot in 2022. Or Before.

If you’ve ever been interested in the real bare faced Los Angeles, pick this one up. It takes place over a series of six days following the Rodney King trial, and the subsequent L.A. riots. Trigger warnings  for violence.

The Long FIre

The Long Fire by Meghan Tifft

“Under the influence of the written word my mind loosens, wanders, sinks deep into unknown places, places I can’t control or even fathom, leaving so little of me at the surface that I don’t even notice what I’m doing here.”

What a unique story. Natalie, has pica, a condition that makes her want to eat everything, and eat everything she does.  She is particularly  drawn to books, however, and the description of her disorder is so comprehensive and beautifully written.  This is a also a mystery as Natalie attempts to uncover the irregularities in her mother’s recent death, and the truth about her mother’s gypsy origins.


What were some of the best books you read this month?

P.S. I’m currently wrapping school assignments before I head off to La Bella Italia, so I won’t be around much, (more than usual, I mean).   Happy 4th to my fellow Americans, and happy Monday to everyone else.

Happy Reading 🙂



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