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Happy  September! Can you believe it’s fall already. Personally, I am happy to see the summer go. I love fall even though we don’t get much of one here in LA.   September is  also the  official start to my month long challenge of reading  books published by small/ independent publishers. Over the past few days, I’ve researched  every nook and cranny of the bookternet to find fun books to add to  my small press TBR for the month.Guys, there are soo many, and I kind of went crazy with the ordering…how many I’ll get to read, who knows since I also find myself in one of the busiest months of the year. When you’re busy, start a challenge. (Bibliosa’s brain logic)

As I mentioned before,  I’ve been pretty busy researching small presses, and I thought I would share the wealth with those of you who are also interested in finding small indie presses. This list is by no means exhaustive- I will add to it as I find more-however, it’s a pretty good start.

Flavor wire wrote a piece on the 25 best indie publishers. 

Independent Publisher is a monthly digital publication for indie publishers. Their website has a list of publishers as well  as resources for indie publishers.

Poets and writers also has a list of small indie publishers on their site. What’s really cool about their site is that it lets you search the list by genre and sub-genre.

Another list by


As for my first read, it is Lament for the Afterlife by Lisa L. Hannett.

Lament for the Afterlife
Lament for the Afterlife by Lisa L. Hannett


Book Summary:

THE GREYS ARE COMING AND THEY ARE ALREADY HERE. No one knows when the war against the greys began. Not precisely. There are theories, speculations. Everyone agrees, though, that airborne doombringers appear along with their invisible bombs—and disappear just as mysteriously. Governments, while they still can, launch investigations into the waves of energy sweeping from continent to continent, bringing human mutation and environmental destruction. They shepherd refugees from country to country. They do whatever they must to put an end to the fighting. Whispers have circulated for centuries: Where are the greys? When will they next strike? How many men remain true and how many are turncoats? How can you attack something you can’t see? And secretly, fearfully: Are the greys even real?

Lament for The Afterlife by Lisa L. Hannett  is published by ChiZine Publications a Canadian Based Publisher that specializes in   “embracing the odd.”  I was all over this publisher  when I saw that tagline.

ChiZine’s Philosophy:

ChiZine Publications is willing to take risks. We’re looking for the unusual, the interesting, the thought-provoking. We look for writers who are also willing to take risks, who want to take dark genre fiction to a new place, who want to show readers something they haven’t seen before. CZP wants to startle, to astound, to share the bliss of good writing with our readership.

I am about 40 pages into Lament for the Afterlife, and it is indeed quite odd in the best way possible. I’ve been craving a good sci-fi/fantasy, and hopefully this scratches that itch. It’s a Labor Day weekend here in the States which means a long weekend of bookish delights, after I finish my mountain load of work,  that is. I can’t wait to  sip some wine and sink into  this one.

What are you reading this weekend?


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