Science Fiction and Fantasy Small Indie Presses (Small Press September)

Hey everyone! Hope you are all well.  I am alive just very very busy with school work and there is only so much my eyes can take of staring at a screen.  Between  much needed napping, I have been reading some small press books, however, and I hope to read more before the month is up. I’ve been a little more active on my listy and instagram account if you would like to keep up with my small press shenanigans there both are @bibliosa_

I’ve still been in a Speculative Fiction mood which has lead me to many small indie presses that focus on publishing Science Fiction, Fantasy, and anything that can be labeled “speculative fiction.”  I’ve compiled a master post for you all in case you too are in the mood for some nerdy sic-fi, or mystic fantasy, and everything in between!

Small/ Independent Publishers that publish “Speculative fiction:

“Tachyon is an award-winning publisher of smart science fiction, fantasy, and literary fiction. For twenty-one years, Tachyon has been saving the world one good book at a time”. -Tachyon

“Subterranean Press is widely considered to be among the finest specialty publishers in the science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres, and has published Stephen King, Carlos Ruiz Zafon, Harlan Ellison, Joe Hill, and Peter Straub.”

“Aqueduct Press dedicates itself to publishing challenging, feminist science fiction. We promise to bring our readers work that will stretch the imagination and stimulate thought.”

Resurrection House also has a few imprints: Archie Press, Underland Press, Rota Books,

CZP publishes the same kind of weird, subtle, surreal, disturbing dark fiction and fantasy that ChiZine has become known for since 1997, only in longer form—novels, novellas, and short story collections.

“Night Shade Books was founded in 1997, and has been publishing science fiction, fantasy and horror for nearly two decades.”

“If you are looking for a publisher whose specialty is great book-length science fiction and fantasy literature, produced by people who care about books, readers, booksellers and authors, then you have come to the right place!”

“Golden Gryphon Press was founded in 1997 by Jim Turner, the long-time editor of Arkham House, with the mission to publish handsome, quality books of short story collections by today’s master writers and tomorrow’s rising stars.”

“Damnation Books was born from the hearts of those who love dark fiction and are tired of wading through romance e-publishers and shrinking bookstore shelves to find their horror, dark fantasy, paranormals, thrillers, science fiction, and dark-themed erotica. We’ve heard your cries, “We want our own plane of existence!” Damnation Books was born to serve you lovers of the dark, The Damned Nation, whatever shadows you may occupy.”

“PS Publishing is a limited company based in the United Kingdom. Our aim is to produce high quality, collectable but affordable signed limited editions within the field of science fiction, fantasy and horror.”


  • Apex Publicaiton“Apex has had the opportunity to publish some of the most exciting and interesting writers in speculative fiction: Brian Keene, Damien Angelica Walters, Douglas F. Warrick, Nick Mamatas, Jennifer Pelland, Lavie Tidhar, Chesya Burke, Chris Bucholz, and many, many more.”

    Prime Books

“Prime Books is an award-winning, independent publishing house specializing in science fiction, fantasy, and cross-genre anthologies, collections, and novels mixing highly acclaimed literary works with top-quality commercially appealing fare.”

One of my personal favorites as they publish Angelica Gorodischer!

If I’ve missed any, please let me know!

Currently Reading:


A Stranger in Olandria by Sofia Samatar  (Published by Small Beer Press)

Small Beer Press already has my heart after reading Trafalgar by  Angelica Gorodischer which has become one of my most beloved short story collections ever. It’s amazing you should really check it out if you’re a fan of science fiction or not. It’s a great collection written by a talented author regardless.

I picked up A Stranger in Olandria  by Sofia Samatar  because I think I’d seen the author’s name somewhere, and the cover intrigued me. I’m not too far in, and the one noticeable is the writing which is spellbinding as is the world. Our narrator, Jevick has grown up on stories of Olandria, a distant land that his merchant father travels to frequently. He is groomed to be his father’s heir, and after his father’s death he finally gets the chance to visit the strange and bemusing land. Will he like it? What’s in store for him? I don’t know, but I’ll find out!

walker-on-water Walker on Water by Kristiina Ehin

Also, along the weird and strange, I picked up Walker on Water by Kristiina Ehin which is published by my favorite  local small press, Unnamed Press.   It’s a very short collection, and it’s lovely in its bizarreness. It makes me think of a cross between Florence and the Machine and the Grimm brothers’ fairy tales. I’m hooked, and I am trying to pace myself, but I’ll most likely have it done by today. 🙂

What have you all been reading? Any strange and weird books you know of that I might like?

Thanks for reading 🙂



4 thoughts on “Science Fiction and Fantasy Small Indie Presses (Small Press September)

    • It is! It’s also written in a way that I think will appeal to readers who enjoy a very literary or poetic style of writing. I hope you enjoy it, if you decide to pick it up!

  1. Found you on Instagram and followed you! 😀
    Speculative Fiction will always be my go-to genre, and I agree that small presses are doing great things for genre fiction. Especially for a reader like me, whose looking to support diverse authors as well as small presses.
    All of these are new to me except Tachyon Publishing. Thanks for this list. I will browse the publisher’s websites to see if I can find any books that catch my interest!

    • It’s mine too, especially when I’m reading so much dry stuff for school. I’m kind of blown away by how many options there are out there with the small presses. I had to control myself and not order everything, but I did add about a gazillion books to my TBR because I’m hopeless. Have fun browsing!

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